Working Knowledge Of Micra-10 Drill Bit Grinder
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Working Knowledge Of Micra-10 Drill Bit Grinder


Micra-10 drill bit grinder is a kind of high-precision mechanical equipment. When it works, it uses advanced automatic cleaning and automatic slag collection functions, so it is now used in many industries. What about other aspects of the drill grinder? Now Beijing Demina will tell you about the working conditions of other working parts of the drill grinder.

Working Knowledge Of Micra-10 Drill Bit Grinder

The electrical equipment and bearings of key parts of the equipment are imported from the original parts, and the functions of the whole machine have reached the international advanced level. High-quality Micra-10 drill grinder is mainly used in the grinding of high-end imported knives. Its features are the use of imported linear guides for reciprocating motion, and the speed of the grinding wheel is imported. In addition, the drill bit grinding machine adopts stick-type barrel grinding wheels, which can sharpen various tools faster and more effectively. It is ideal equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the paper industry.

Maintenance Of Micra-10 Drill Bit Grinder

The drill grinder equipment should be maintained after use. First of all, it is necessary to regularly add lubricating oil to its various parts, especially the track plate. To prevent long-term wear and tear, which will cause the machine to malfunction. Secondly, after each use, we must thoroughly clean it. After grinding, there will be a lot of waste residue and foam. If it is not treated in a timely and effective manner, long-term accumulation will affect our use of the grinder equipment. It is also important to check the grinder equipment frequently and replace it if found to be damaged.

Micra-10 micro drill sharpener is a fragile item, so care must be taken when using it to effectively extend its life and make it better to use.

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