Wear Form Of PCBN Blade
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Wear Form Of PCBN Blade


Wear Patterns In Continuous Cutting

1. Back tool surface wear: the most common form of wear is caused by the friction between the tool and the hard particles in the workpiece material. Serious wear will cause the surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of the processed workpiece to be out of tolerance, so a new CBN blade needs to be replaced.

2. Crescent depression wear: occurs on the front of the blade, caused by the chemical reaction between the workpiece material and the cutting tool.Crescent depression wear can lead to deterioration in chip handling, affecting the quality of the finished surface, and excessive crescent depression wear can weaken the cutting edge and may lead to fracture.

3. Pressure surface wear: the main reason is that the cutting speed is too fast, the feed is too large, the tool back Angle is too small and the pressure surface wear.

4. Boundary wear: the main reason is that the main deflection Angle is too large, the feed is too large, the cutting speed is too low resulting in boundary wear.

Damage Form In Intermittent Cutting

1.Breaking edge

It is a small cut in the cutting edge, several small cuts in the blade or a small piece is broken.If the micro – edge of the tool can continue to cut within the allowable wear limits, out – of – tolerance needs to be replaced.

2. Peeling

Shell spalling often occurs on the front cutting surface when milling the end faces of steel and cast iron.In this case, the blade with negative chamfering and passivated edge can be used by increasing cutting speed and reducing feed.

3. Broken

PCBN inserts for cutting high hardness materials or intermittent cutting workpiece frequent breakage form. This is due to the excessive impact load when the intermittent cutting high hardness of the workpiece, and short time cutting after the occurrence of early damage. Although the cutting condition, the appropriate cutting after a long time, but no tool change in time, because of the cutting tool material fatigue the large fracture.

Demina tool grinder can resharp the PCBN blade and remove the PCBN wear. It can make the PCBN blade new. Cutting efficiency remains high.

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