Using The Program Of Tool Grinder
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Using The Program Of Tool Grinder


2-axis CBN grinding machine Mainly used for machining cylindrical holes, tapered holes or other special-shaped inner surfaces and hole end faces of workpieces. Internal grinding is generally divided into two types; one is that the workpiece and the grinding wheel are both rotated; the other is that the workpiece does not rotate, and the grinding wheel is used for planetary motion. The former is used for general hole machining, and the latter is generally used for hole machining of large workpieces. The grinding wheel spindle of has a long overhang and rotates at a high speed. It requires a high-speed motor and a spindle bearing with a long life. The CBN grinding machine is difficult to measure the hole diameter during machining. The coarse grinding, semi-finishing and fine grinding are generally automatic. The measuring instrument can measure the spark measurement cycle.

Using the program of tool grinder

1. Check the oil pool, whether the oil level of the fuel tank reaches the hydraulic pressure indicator; 2. Check whether the oil grade and material quality meet the requirements of the instruction manual; 3. Each operating handle (handwheel) should be placed in the closed or unloaded position, and the grinding wheel frame (grinding head) should be in the retracted position, and the moving parts should not collide with each other; 4. Check if the motor of the oil pump is running normally, and then check whether the pressure of the oil circuit, auxiliary oil circuit and lubricating oil line meets the requirements of the instruction manual. (The machine with the unloading function requires that the pressure of the main oil line should be adjusted to low, and the unloading operation handle should be turned to the stop position, and then the pressure should be checked.) 5. The machine should open the bleed valve, drain the air from the cylinder and system, and close the bleed valve. 6. The machine with hydraulic operating box should adjust the opening and closing valve and the table speed handle according to the provisions of the book, so that the table is slow and run back and forth several times in a short distance. After normal operation, it is gradually adjusted to high. Speed, check whether the operation and commutation are normal within the whole stroke (the machine with the table speed greater than 15m/min cannot be adjusted to a larger stroke immediately), with or without impact and obvious retention. 7.CBN grinding machine After the workbench is running normally, carry out the rapid advance and retreat and feed experiment of the grinding wheel frame. Check if the grinding wheel frame moves quickly to the end position. Adjust the feed amount within the range specified in the instruction manual. Check if the action is normal. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd Professional Export 2-axis CBN grinding machine, welcome users who need it to buy.
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