Use Precautions Of CBN Tool Sharpening Machine
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Use Precautions Of CBN Tool Sharpening Machine


5-axis CBN tool grinding machine is a tool grinding machine developed by Demina. The multi-function CBN tool sharpening machine has the characteristics of high grinding precision, convenient installation. Beautiful appearance, novel structure, flexible rotating parts, low noise, small vibration, bearing part with bearing, durable, wear-resistant and convenient operation. Designed for sharpening milling machine, cutting plotter, engraving machine, computer engraving machine, marking machine, etc. Various diameters, shapes, angles of engraving sharp knives, end mills, knives and grinding according to the proportion of the die. Therefore, it is an essential accessory for tool sharpening in the machining and engraving industry.

Use precautions of Multi-function sharpener

1. The air pressure should be above 2kg/cm2. 2. The processing feed can not be too large, otherwise, the grinding wheel will wear too fast, it will also cause the sharpened tool is not sharp. 3. The number of teeth of the blade must be clarified before processing. The number of teeth input must match the number of teeth of the blade. 4. The running speed of the back and forth board can not adjust too fast. Too fast will cause the grinding tool is not sharp.

Structural features OF CBN tool sharpening machine

1. This machine is suitable for grinding high-speed steel, hard alloy, and other materials. 2. With a variety of accessories, can be ground: forming tools, end mills, end mills, R-type milling cutters, cylindrical milling cutters, three-sided milling cutters. And single-angle milling cutters, reamers, turning tools, R-type turning tools, hobbing cutters, drills, taps, engraving knives. And powerful cutting tools, chamfering knives, circle cutters, outer circles, plane grooves, forming surfaces, etc. 3. Large line speed 40M / S. In addition, the equipment has precision projection equipment. Which accurately displays the grinding of the control tool and the movement of the measuring table back and forth and the movement of the grinding head up and down to install the dial indicator. Which can accurately control the displacement; newly added high-precision grinding function of inner hole and outer circle. 4. The column structure adopts the integral casting structure and is integrated with the beam. Which has sufficient rigidity to achieve high longitudinal geometry and numerical control precision. 5. The rotary table adopts the closed-face static pressure guide rail + radial rotation bearing structure. Which has high rotation precision and dynamic rigidity. 6. The main grinding wheel spindle adopts high-precision rotating bearing structure. And the BBT50 grinding wheel automatic exchange structure and hydraulic broach device are installed. 7. Grinding wheel dressing: equipped with three types of dressers, horizontal diamond disc dresser. Double diamond pen dresser, vertical diamond forming roller dresser. 8. The numerical control system adopts FANUC 18i-TB AC servo numerical control system. The number of control axes is seven axes, which are the longitudinal feed of the carriage. The vertical feed of the main grinding head. The electric spindle grinding head and the measuring device. The main grinding head and the table drive (SP axis); the ATC grinding wheel library drive (PMC) ). 9. The grinding wheel library adopts a disc structure, and three large grinding wheels and three small grinding wheels can place at intervals, for a total of six pieces. 10. Vertical clamping workpiece grinding. Can achieve a single clamping multi-process composite processing. 11. Use isolation and forced cooling to eliminate heat sources.
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