Tungsten-Cobalt Type Cemented Carbide
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Tungsten-Cobalt Type Cemented Carbide


Carbide material is the carbide (WC, TiC) micron grade powder of high hardness refractory metal as the main component, common cemented carbide YG, YN, YT, YW series.

The main components are tungsten carbide (WC) and binder cobalt (Co).

It is mainly composed of a percentage of the average cobalt content of hard and cobalt.

General tungsten cobalt alloy is mainly used in carbide tools, molds, and mineral products.

Carbide cutting tools

Tungsten-tico-type cemented carbide

The main components are tungsten carbide, titanium carbide (TiC), and cobalt. Its brand name is composed of “YT” (” hard and titanium “) and the average content of titanium carbide.

For example, YT15 represents an average TiC=15%, while the rest are tungsten-tico-like cemented carbide with tungsten carbide and cobalt content.

Tungsten titanium tantalum (niobium) class hard alloy

TIC tool

The main components are tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide (or niobium carbide), and cobalt. This kind of cemented carbide is also called universal cemented carbide or universal cemented carbide.

Its brand number is composed of “YW” (” hard “, “ten thousand” Chinese pinyin first), and serial numbers, such as YW1.

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