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Tool Grinder Machine uses a grinding wheel to grind the surface of the workpiece for high processing efficiency. Internal grinding machines are suitable for applications where surface grinding is required in generators, tools, bearings, magnetic materials, refractory materials, molds, mold blanks, machinery, and other industries.

Tool Grinder Machine Advantage

1. Cutting speed is fast. When cutting metal materials, the cutting wheel has a cutting speed 10 times that of other cutting methods. 2. Cutting size accuracy is high. With the grinding wheel cutting, the width of the slit and the flatness of the cutting surface are generally better than the metal sawing. 3. The cutting surface is smooth. After the grinding wheel is cut, the surface often does not need to be finished, and the cut surface after sawing is obvious. 4. Tool Grinder Machine can be used for the cutting of hard materials. Such as hardened steel and metal carbide and hard and brittle non-metallic materials cutting process. 5. During the use of the abrasive tool, the self-sharpness is good and no trimming is required. 6. Low cost. The cost of cutting with a grinding wheel is significantly lower than other cutting methods. 7. Other applications. Such as narrow groove cuts, or slits of hardened steel or superhard non-metal parts.

Tool Grinder Machine Operational Considerations

1. Wear labor protection products according to the regulations. 2. The hydraulic system of the machine tool, protective insurance, and lubrication, electrical comprehensive inspection of the machine can not bring disease work. 3. Check whether the suction of the disk is effective at any time, whether the workpiece is sucked up, and the flying object is prevented from injuring people. 4. When using the vertical and horizontal automatic feeding, the stroke safety iron should be adjusted and tightened first. 5. When grinding, make the grinding wheel gradually contact the workpiece. When using the coolant, install the baffle and the protective cover. 6. If the machine tool is found to be abnormal, stop it immediately and look for the maintenance personnel to check it. 7. After parking, move the handle to the empty position, cut off the power supply, wipe the machine, and organize the environment.

Technical Parameters of Tool Grinder Machine

Spindle and Grinding Wheel
The diameter of the Grinding wheel 150mm
Power of grinding spindle 3KW
RPM of Grinding Spindle 0~3,000RPM
Changeable Clearance Angle -5°~25°
Grinding wheel center hole 40mm
Spindle Center Height 150mm
Grinding Wheel Oscillation System(X-Axis)
PLC Numerical Controlled Oscillation and Control on the Panel
Max. Oscillation Range 30mm
Max. Oscillation Frequency 60times/minute
Oscillation Position is Controlled by Screw and Starting From Center, Left, Right
CCD Monitoring System
Max Magnification of Optical Microscope 4 times
Magnification of CCD Measuring System 100times
15Industrial Displayer 15 “
CCD Image Resolution 1280*1024
Feed and Rotation System
Quick Approach Withdraw and Precisely Feeding 3mm/turn;0.5mm/turn
The compressor of Air Braking on Rotation Axis 6bar
Longitudinal Transverse (X-Axis) controlled by PLC 400mm
Horizontal Transverse (Y-Axis) Driven by Hand Wheel 70mm
Rotation Transverse(B Axis) Driven by Hand 360°
Linear Encoder Resolution (X-Axis and Y-Axis) 0.001mm
Rotation Encoder Resolution (B Axis) 0.010°
Power Supply and  Dimensions
Coolant Tank with Filter Paper about70L
Electrical Supply 12Kw
Voltage Requested 380V/Three-phase /50Hz
Overall Dimensions L╳W╳H 1700╳1150╳1970mm
Weight With Coolant Tank 2000Kg
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