The Use Method Of PCD Tools
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The Use Method Of PCD Tools


The development of PCD tools makes more and more users use this tool for cutting work. The use of PCD tools to process aluminum workpieces has the advantages of long tool life and high metal removal rate. The disadvantages are that the tools are expensive and the processing cost is high. With the improvement of production technology, these shortcomings have been gradually improved, and now the application range of PCD tools is gradually expanding. But the proper use of PCD tools has become an important topic.

The Use Method Of PCD Tools

The correct application of PCD tools is a prerequisite for obtaining satisfactory machining results. Although the specific reasons for tool failure vary, they are usually caused by incorrect use of the object or method of use. When ordering a PCD tool, the user should correctly grasp the range of application of the tool. For example, when using PCD tools to process ferrous metal workpieces, since diamond easily reacts with the carbon elements in steel, it will cause PCD tools to wear quickly. Therefore, the PCBN tools are the correct choice for machining hardened steel.

In general, in order to reduce cutting forces and prevent chip formation, PCD tools should use positive cutting angles. However, when processing high-silicon aluminum alloys, the back angle of the PCD cutting tool is preferably slightly smaller than that of the original hard alloy cutting tools to improve the cutting performance of the cutting edge of the PCD cutting tool on the high silicon aluminum alloy. The positive rake angle of a PCD tool should not too large, because the larger the tool rake angle, the lower the cutting edge strength.

In other words, the smaller the rake angle of the PCD tool, the stronger the cutting edge. In order to increase the cutting edge strength as much as possible while keeping the tool at a positive cutting angle. When preparing the PCD cutting edge, the diamond tip does not need to process too much. For the PCD milling cutter, the cutting edge can slightly sharpen. In addition, making the cutting edge produce a certain axial inclination also helps to improve the PCD cutting edge cutting performance.

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