The Unique Requirements Of The BT-150HG PCD&PCBN Industry
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The Unique Requirements Of The BT-150HG PCD&PCBN Industry


Unique requirements of BT-150HG PCD&PCBN

The unique requirements of the BT-150HG PCD&PCBN industry, the machine tool manufacturer is also actively developing the mechanical part and put forward unique control requirements for the numerical control system of the grinding machine. There are: Oblique axis control: Linear and circular interpolation can also be performed when tilting in the axial direction. Spindle swing: The running cycle that often occurs during grinding, using external signals to interrupt the execution of the program, grinding wheel cutting, grinding wheel dressing and other special preparation functions, programming a fixed cycle program. Not only can it use an external measuring device, but it can also be compared directly to the final size when connecting a suitable measuring head. Reinforced fixed grinding method: According to different shapes of grinding parts, there are four different grinding methods, with grinding wheel axis angle tilt control function, rough grinding, coarse grinding, fine grinding, non-spark grinding, complete set of grinding cycle, grinding wheel Trimming compensation function, the trimmer is compared with the normal direction control function of the wheel, and the outer radius compensation function of the roller is trimmed. The system resolution can be set to 0.1μm, which is a compact CNC system. BT-150HG PCD & PCBN CNC system, flexible requirements for axis control expansion; more control of 9 coordinates, 6 coordinates can be linked, small pulse equivalent, moving equivalent and detection equivalent are 0.1μm, linear is also used on the flat grinding Fully closed-loop mode of position sensor grating ruler, inductive synchronizer.  

Technical Breakthrough of BT-150HG PCD

1.Optimization of the vertical axis: the vertical shaft lifting of micro-adjustment integrated into the clamping device of the worktable, can greatly enhance the stability and the rigidity of equipment 2.Stable feed: PCD is crisp and hard material. In order to avoid periodic impact, the machine is equipped with “flexible feed” of air pressure device. It has the function of cutter back-off when the cutting edge of the tool is impacted by the force, which improves the roughness of the tool edge effectively. 3. Grinding wheel integration: only once clamping, finish and coarse grinding can be done on one grinding wheel. It makes the regrinding more efficient and more accurate.  
Machine Parameters
The diameter of the Grinding wheel 150mm
Grinding wheel center hole 40mm
Grinding Spindle Power 3 KW
RPM of Grinding 500~4,000 RPM
Variable Swing Amplitude 0-30 mm
Variable Swing Speed 0-60 times/min
Table Transverse Travel 70 mm
Table Longitudinal Travel 65 mm
Spindle Center Height 150 mm
Optical magnification 0.7x~4.5x
CCD Image Resolution 1280×1024
Linear Encoder Measuring Step 0.001mm
Rotation Encoder Measuring Step 0.010°
Power Supply 380V /3 Phase/50Hz
Overall Dimensions L×W×H 1890×1650×1980mm
Weight 2000kg
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