The Turning Tool Chip Breaker
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The Turning Tool Chip Breaker


According to the machining accuracy, chip cutting grooves are generally divided into three types:

1. The general purpose (semi-finishing) sword fragment crumbs slot type: this kind of chip breaker groove considering the best feeding, turning the scope and the best match between the actual cutting condition, because the scope of these recommendations are considering all the processing variables are established on the basis of the experiment, so within the scope of its operations to ensure good chip breaker groove features, such as good chip breaker reliability.

2. Heavy cutting blade chip groove type: single-sided chip groove blade does not need to consider the problem of positioning surface on both sides, so its geometric shape selection range is wide, suitable for strong feed and large metal-cutting conditions. The groove design elements of these blades ensure greater metal removal rates without reducing tool stiffness and edge strength.

3. Type of chip breaking groove for finishing knife disk and light blade: select light chip breaking groove under the condition of low-speed feeding and small cutting amount. It is generally of the narrow, deep groove type, which will increase the breaking strain on the thinner, more difficult chip to break. When cutting chip is controlled by it, the desired roughness and reliable tool life will be produced.

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