The Transportation And Installation Of BT-150H Tool Grinder
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The Transportation And Installation Of BT-150H Tool Grinder


BT-150H tool grinder is mainly used for grinding Artificial Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) and cemented carbide cutting tools. The cutter can easily locate at the desired position through the cross table. The CCD and image system can conveniently determine the position of the cutter. The surface condition of the cutter can observe and the size of the cutter can measure.

Transportation and installation

1. Transportation packaging: Wooden package. 2. Hoisting a. When lifting packaged machine tools with cranes, it is necessary to carefully check whether the force of the lifting rope is balanced. b. When transported by forklift truck, it is only allowed to shovel from the rear of the machine tool. c. The proper position between the hanger rope and the bed should add with square wood to ensure that the hanger rope can not touch the weak parts of machine tools such as protective cover, handwheel, and baffle. d. The machine tool should balance when lifting or shoveling, and not allowed to tilt. 3. The requirements of installation site: The machine tool should install on the cement floor with a thickness of not less than 100 mm and supported on the adjusting pad iron by three points. The leveling instrument with accuracy not less than 0.04/1000mm should adjust in both vertical and horizontal directions. The leveling instrument should place on the cross sliding table. The area and shape requirements of the installation site and the layout of the machine tools are shown in Fig. 4. Cleaning: After the machine tool is installed, the locking device of swing mechanism, feed mechanism, and rotary table should dismantle: the moving parts should clean, the rust-proof grease should clean with kerosene, the clean cotton yarn should be used to wipe off, and the lubrication points should lubricate.  
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