The Reason Why The Precision Of The Workpiece Is Unstable In Summer
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The Reason Why The Precision Of The Workpiece Is Unstable In Summer


For high-precision processing, the temperature problem is absolutely not to be ignored, because the temperature difference is the enemy of precision. To be specific, materials will expand and contract in heat and cold. The steel we use will expand in a straight line to produce a change of 12 m per meter with a temperature change of 1°C. This is true of every machine in every corner of the world.

If we don’t care about temperature as an important issue, how can we talk about precision? Most machine combinations are made of steel and cast iron, which can change shape and length depending on room temperature and the heat generated by the machine itself!

Factories without experience in precision machining often attribute the instability of precision to the precision of the equipment. And factories with experience in precision machining, they all know that this is the most basic common sense, the environmental temperature and thermal balance of machine tools will attach great importance to. They are well aware that even highly sophisticated machine tools can achieve stable machining accuracy only in a stable temperature environment and a state of thermal balance.

For high precision machining of less than 3 m grade, the temperature shall be controlled at a constant 20℃ with fluctuations of less than 0.5℃/ hour, and the air conditioning system shall maintain a constant ±1℃ temperature difference throughout the day. If the precision requirement is not that high, the control can be relatively broad, but the manager must have the concept of temperature influence on precision.

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