The Prevention Of CNC Equipment
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The Prevention Of CNC Equipment


The factory should install an air-conditioning system to maintain the right temperature, especially for precision CNC equipment, this is the most basic requirement. Otherwise, frequent failure, processing quality is not stable, this kind of unwillingness to pay the result is definitely not worth the loss.

Take precautions against CNC equipment

1. Of course, for ordinary CNC equipment or factories that do not have precision processing, many factories cannot achieve a constant temperature environment, but the factory must do a good job of preventing the CNC equipment to ensure the normal operation of the CNC equipment.

2. The air conditioner of the distribution box can work normally.

3. The door of the distribution box is tightly sealed. Some units simply heat the distribution box. This is very dangerous. If external dust enters the distribution box, it will cause damage to the equipment after a long time.

4. The power supply, drive circuit board and other cooling fans can work normally and meet the cooling conditions.

5. Clean the ventilation groove and radiator on the high-power circuit board.

6. Maintenance personnel should patrol frequently and eliminate hidden dangers in time.

In short, when the summer heat comes, I hope that every factory can be friendly to precision equipment, and remember to continue to create the value of summer precision machines.

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