The Method Of Checking Tool Grinder Tool
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The Method Of Checking Tool Grinder Tool


The Method of checking tool grinder tool

APE 60 drill tool grinder inspection of the tool in daily operation is a necessary point. The methods for checking the tool grinder tool are as follows: 1. Tool grinder Before the operation, it is necessary to check whether the pieces of the tool are insured. Whether the position of each hand wheel is wrong, whether the fast feed is blocked or not, and whether the limit switches can play the role of insurance cover. 2. When starting each moving part, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the tool and each handle are on the scale of the work. When moving the handle quickly, you should first open it slightly to see if the moving part and position match. It is strictly forbidden to move the handle quickly and quickly. 3. The cutter bar, bracket, washer, indexing head, vise, knife hole, etc. should clean in parallel, and the milling machine should keep free of dirt and dirt. 4. Always stop the work on the surface grinder tool for high and low work, tightening, adjustment, shifting and measuring work. When replacing the tool holder, cutter head, vertical milling head, and milling cutter, stop it first. Open the power supply door, after the lever screw is loose, be careful to prevent injury or damage to the personnel. 5. When the tool is running, it is not allowed to measure the size, the template or the surface by hand. When removing and unloading the workpiece, move the tool and continue. 6. When disassembling the end mill, the table top must be slate, and the hand should disable to the cutter head. 7. When installing a flat milling cutter and using a wrench to pull the screw nut, it is necessary to pay attention to the proper selection of the wrench, and the force should not be too strong to prevent slipping. 8. Be sure to enter the knife slowly when the knife is turned. When the knife is near the workpiece, it is necessary to manually enter the knife. It is not allowed to enter the knife quickly. When the knife is being taken, it is not allowed to stop. Stop the knife when milling the deep groove. When you enter the knife quickly, pay attention to the wounded person. When milling the vertical feed, the workpiece must be installed at a certain distance from the workbench. 9. The surface APE 60 drill tool grinder should not too violent to use the knife. Always use the handwheel on the workbench. It is not allowed to suddenly change the progress of the advance. The infinite block should be adjusted afterward. 10. At the end of the operation, open the various electric doors, pull the handles of the tool back into the empty position, wipe the tool, and apply smooth oil.
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