The Main Cause Of Common Failure Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine
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The Main Cause Of Common Failure Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine


The PCD tool grinding machine is a precision instrument commonly used on the market today because its efficient production is widely used by users. But even the best equipment will have a breakdown. When a tool grinder fails, you must first find out the cause of the failure. The following PCD tool grinding machine manufacturer Demina will give you an analysis of some common faults and causes of failure of the PCD tool grinding machine.

The main cause of common failure of PCD tool grinding machine

1) Overheating of the grinding head spindle The main cause of this phenomenon is the mixing of impurities in the hydraulic oil. Such as dust, iron and so on. Impurities in the hydraulic oil can block the small oil holes in the bearing bush. Causing some hydraulic chambers to have no hydraulic oil, making the spindle unable to form a symmetrical pressure oil chamber. The main shaft is not in a pure liquid state when it is rotated and generates friction with the bearing bush to generate heat. After disassembling the surface grinder spindle and inspecting each component. It was found that the spindle roundness was not excessive, but the surface finish was poor. The roundness of the inner hole of the bearing bush is not excessive. The surface of the inner hole is scratched, and the cross-section of the bearing bush is scratched. The capillary oil holes in the bearing bush are blocked. The metal surface sandpaper can be used to polish the surface of the main shaft and the inner end surface of the bearing bush. 2) Poor grinding finish radial runout of the spindle is out of tolerance, resulting in a large vibration of the grinding wheel during grinding. Which results in a poor surface finish of the ground workpiece. 3) Spindle radial runout tolerance The main cause of this phenomenon is the collision of the main shaft or the deformation of the force. The roundness of the inner shaft of the support shaft of the main shaft is out of tolerance. Demina specializes in the production of various types of PCD tool grinding machines. We have advanced technology and talents. The equipment produced is of good performance, reliable quality, and reasonable price. Welcome everyone to come and buy.
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