The Key Process Of Preparing PCD Tool
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The Key Process Of Preparing PCD Tool


Process Of Preparing PCD Tool

For the preparation of PCD tools, especially the preparation of various high-precision (dimensional tolerance up to 2um), non-standard composite PCD tools, the most critical processes include PCD tool welding, cutting and grinding. The welding process not only determines the welding strength of the PCD blade but also affects the cutting performance of the PCD cutting edge. For PCD tools with complicated cutting edges that cannot be sharpened, the required cutting edges can be obtained through rough cutting and fine cutting on five-axis five-linkage CNC slow-moving wire processing machine. For the cutting edge that needs to be refined, it can leave a small margin when cutting with high precision and then achieve the dimensional requirements through a refined grinding.

Beijing Demina has produced the BT-150D CNC tool grinder, which is specialized for the grinding of super-hard tool grinders. BT-150D four-axis CNC PCD & PCBN tool grinder consists of grinding wheel swing axis (X-axis), grinding wheel tilt angle axis (B axis), horizontal plane rotation axis (C axis), workpiece feed axis (Y-axis, different angle axes have different Grinding function. When the tool grinding machine is working, the workpiece feed axis (Y-axis) is equipped with a grating ruler and closed-loop position feedback is used to ensure the accuracy of micron-level grinding, which improves the grinding of the equipment to a certain extent. Efficiency, and use a computer to save a lot of manpower and material resources.

BT-150D CNC tool grinder has reliable performance and is suitable for mass production of PCD and CBN inserts, carbide inserts, etc. Once the centering of the equipment is completed, the grinding will be completed automatically to achieve constant pressure grinding and flexible feed. This system can measure and compensate for the uniform consumption of the grinding wheel, so it can achieve long-cycle production. It belongs to the PCD tool grinding process. For PCD tool manufacturers, choosing the right high-efficiency tool grinder is critical.

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