The History Of Tool Grinder Manufacturing Is Very Young In The Machine Tool Industry
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The History Of Tool Grinder Manufacturing Is Very Young In The Machine Tool Industry


The production of tool grinder has developed rapidly

The history of tool grinder manufacturing is very young in the machine tool industry. In grinding machine in the production of more than one hundred years of history, the production of tool grinding machine has been serious enough in the past, the first tool grinding machine made in 1889 by the United States Cincinnati company first, then the NORTON in 1890 successfully trial-produced the tool grinding machine, but then are adopt gear belt transmission, simple structure, efficiency is very low. In the last 30 years, with the development of industry and the progress of science and technology, the production of tool grinder has developed rapidly, not only semi-automatic and full-automatic tool grinder and CNC tool grinder also began to apply. Tool grinder is the necessary auxiliary equipment for metal cutting. It is used to grind various metal cutting tools. Due to the continuous improvement of the metal cutting process, metal cutting machine tool innovation, which requires new cutting tools, and the tool grinding has been put forward new requirements.

The advantage of tool grinder

High precision, good rigidity, economical and practical, especially suitable for grinding various small and medium-sized tools, such as reamer, tap, twist bit, reaming bit, various milling cutter, milling cutter head, gear shaper cutter. With the corresponding fitting, it can grind the outer circle, inner circle, and plane, and can also grind the template and mold. The diamond grinding wheel can be used to grind various carbide cutting tools. It is especially used for tool manufacturing and tool grinding machine, tool grinding machine, drill grinding machine, broaching edge grinding machine, tool curve grinding machine, etc. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. produces professional tool grinding equipment, including drill grinding machine, CNC tool grinding machine, super hard tool grinding machine, milling machine, and undertake the business of tool resharpening.  
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