The History Of Demina
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The History Of Demina


Demina Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in July 2007, the company not only has the excellent technical background, but also has abundant service experience, thus we can provide constructive services according to the customers' features. Demina has been always devoting to the development and research of tool grinder related software, design, production and manufacture. In addition, Demina closely combined the technology of conventional tool grinding skills with software technology, realizing digitalization of grinding skills and popularization of intelligent tool grinding machine. At the begining of Demina's establishment,the company acts as an agent for various kinds of cutters and drill grinding equipment in developed countries. It can provide suitable products for the same users and provide comprehensive technical consulting services. In the early of 2006, Demina established Tool Service Center in Beijing, which made us can provide customers in Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas with the manufacture and re-grinding of monolithic alloy tools, monolithic alloy drills and non-standard tools. In 2009, company began to manufacture BT-150 series Diamond Tool Grinder, BT-150E CNC tool grinding machine and BT-560 Tool Testing Machine. At the same time, company also began to develop and research the controlling system and application software of tool grinder. In 2016, company founded perfect machine tool manufacturing base in Jing'an county Yichun city Jiangxi province. Based on this, company set about to conduct the training job of talents.demina's manufacturing base
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