The Grinding Wheel
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The Grinding Wheel


The abrasive grain of grinding wheel

Grinding grains of different materials are suitable for grinding tools of different materials. Different parts of the tool need to use different sizes of abrasive particles to ensure the best combination of edge protection and processing efficiency. Alumina: used for grinding HSS tools. The grinding wheel is cheap and can be easily modified into different shapes. Silicon carbide: used to correct the CBN grinding wheel and diamond grinding wheel. CBN (cubic boron carbide): used for grinding HSS tools. It is expensive but durable. Internationally, the grinding wheel is represented by B, such as B107, where 107 represents the diameter of the grinding particle. Diamond: used for grinding HM tools, high price, but durable. The grinding wheel is represented by D, such as D64, where 64 represents the diameter of the grinding particle.

The shape of the grinding wheel

For the convenience of different parts of the grinding tool, the grinding wheel shall have different shapes. The most common ones are: Parallel grinding wheel (1A1): top Angle, outside diameter, back, etc. Disc wheel (12V9, 11V9): Common wheel discs can be used to grind spiral grooves, trimming and milling cutters' primary and secondary cutting edges, etc. After the grinding wheel is used for a period of time, its shape (including plane, Angle and rounded R) needs to be modified. The grinding wheel must often use a cleaning stone to remove the chips between the grinding grains to improve the grinding ability of the wheel.

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