The Core Competitiveness In Technology And Its Position In The Industry Of Demina Company
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The Core Competitiveness In Technology And Its Position In The Industry Of Demina Company


The company's core competitiveness in technology

The traditional tool grinding skills and software technology are closely integrated to achieve digitization of grinding skills and the popularization of intelligent tool grinders. Control technology of machine tool and application software including grinding process are the soul of CNC tool grinder. Are the tool to rapidly and continuously meet customer's personalized needs. Are the concentrated expression of a company's service experience. Market insight and collective wisdom in products. And are the key to avoid homogeneous competition with other manufacturers. Demina is devoted to the research and development of the core technology of CNC tool grinder. In which software technology plays a key role in data processing and control of tool grinder. First of all, there is a congenial relationship between software technology and tool grinding. The complexity and diversity of tools can satisfy with the flexibility of software. The requirement of skilled operation technology for grinding can also satisfie with the high intelligence of software. Secondly, the use of software technology can reduce the complexity of the machine tool structure. These mechanical parts have a long manufacturing cycle. The software can greatly shorten the cycle of equipment development, and even reduce costs. Thirdly, the product renewal caused by market competition requires tool manufacturers to provide personalized services. That is the supply of non-standard tools. The maintenance and upgrading of software can meet the changeable needs of customers.

The company's achievements

With many years of efforts of technical developers. In 2011, we successfully developed an intelligent control system FLEX V2.0 for 5-axis tool grinding in China. A total of 9 patents and software copyrights have been obtained, which cover many disciplines. Such as structure design, motion control, geometric operation, video and image processing. And database management, and cover the whole field of tool grinding, tool detection, and tool business management. Besides, we successfully developed the first CNC diamond tool grinder BT-150B in 2012. Which is constantly upgraded and replaced.  
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