The Continuous Development Of The APE-40 UP- Sharpening Machine Industry
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The Continuous Development Of The APE-40 UP- Sharpening Machine Industry


The continuous development of the sharpening machine industry

At present, the technical level of the world's sharpening machine is based on the production-promoting sharpening machine. The development in the next 20 years will still the same. On the basis of further improving precision, efficiency, automation, intelligence, and networking. It will gradually the processing unit and the cutting-edge flexible manufacturing system have been transformed. While the Chinese grinding machine industry has experienced the development process of learning, imitation and independent innovation. Although the technology has developed, it is currently in precision, efficiency, automation, intelligence, and environmental protection. There is still a considerable gap between the other aspects and the advanced level of foreign countries. At present, there are few enterprises in China that can provide complete sets of services for users. And they lack the ability to provide complete solutions or undertake more complex project general contracting projects. Product development costs are high, research and development are too difficult, and enterprises are not willing to invest. The production capacity of the industrial-technological transformation project is too large. And the trend of large-scale and heavy-duty technology transformation projects is obvious. This makes the development of numerical control systems and key functional components seriously lagging behind, and becomes a factor restricting the sustainable development of the industry. As a result of the main production model, the company can only maintain a cycle of simple reproduction, unable to develop independent technology. The sharpening machine industry is a technology-intensive, capital-intensive, talent-intensive industry with many product categories. Multiple varieties, small batch sizes, high individualization requirements, high requirements for production experience, and long investment cycle. The organizational structure of the enterprise is also important. The company has more resources but cannot take the lead in transformation. Can not have more achievements in technology leadership, resulting in technical isomorphism in the industry, low-level competition. And the overall economic efficiency of the enterprise is low. Compared with other types of enterprises, traditional state-owned enterprises have obvious gaps in economic efficiency. Technological innovation, and meeting market needs. The phenomenon of indulging in scale is widespread. However, if they have more resources, they cannot take the lead in transformation and cannot there are more realities in technology leadership. Resulting in technical isomorphism in the industry, low-level competition, and low overall economic efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, in order to continuously develop the grinding machine industry in China, some enterprises in China must continuously carry out innovative research and development of equipment. Production, and strive to improve the technology of China's knife sharpener industry.

How does the sharpener become sharper?

When the user uses the APE-40 UP-sharpening machine, the operation is performed with a small amount of force. But both hands are raised, and the angle of the sharpening is also increased. And only the edge is sharpened, and the blade surface is not worn. Due to the small operating force of the sharpener, even if this happens occasionally. As long as it is a micro-cut, it does not generally constitute a blade advance advancement. But it also constrains the sharp advancement. Both hands are lowered, and the angle of practice sharpening is reduced. No matter whether or not the force is applied, the edge and the blade face cannot be worn. And only the inner edge line can ground. In this case, although the edge line is rounded, the edge line is rounded. There is no damage to the cutting edge. Adhere to the height of the knife sharpener of the CNC sharpening machine. And the strength of the hand according to the blade is increased due to instability, and the blade is suddenly sinking. Due to the elastic deformation, the sinking of the blade causes the tip to lift 2.620. The practice sharpening angle drops to 22.210. The increased force is carried by the blade to the inner edge line. Although this causes the edge line to be rounded and untidy, it is useful to protect the cutting edge. Adhere to the height of the knife blade, and the instability of the hand of the knife causes the blade to tilt. Due to the elastic deformation, the blade does not only increase the angle of the sharpening. But the blade tip is lifted by 1.323. The angle is reduced to 23.899. The situation is similar to the third case and can also protect the edge.  

Prominent point OF APE-40 UP- sharpening machine

APE-40 UP- sharpening machine is high in precision, and the quality of the product is high in precision. The high precision is reflected in the most basic material of the blank casting. It is also important to cooperate with some parts used in the manufacture of grinding machines. Generally, the main shaft is the original spindle of the grinding machine. The vibration and noise are very small. The screw on the bed is also a precision threaded screw or ball screw, which must import after precision grinding. In the country, it is an assembly problem. The same machine tool parts are assembled. The effects of different designers are different. This requires experience, but a long time of tempering and tacit understanding. Final molding, when the sharpener is produced, the designer must know the precision of the grinding machine. The sharpening machine controls the precision of the wire, especially the small grinding machine, which is within 2μ so that the customer can buy the parts in the past to grind the workpiece below 2μ. The precision is related to the machine tool error, the machine errors The smaller the precision, the higher. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD A professional grinding machine manufacturer, now . All sold to the user at the factory price to ensure the quality and price of the equipment. Welcome, everyone to come and buy, users who need it can also come to our factory to visit the test machine.
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