The Benefits Of Extending Macro Programs
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The Benefits Of Extending Macro Programs


The benefits of extending macro programs

1. Users do not need the programming foundation of high-level computer language. But can complete the macro program writing after simple training. 2. Although the macro program has a calculation function, users do not need to write complicated geometric calculation instructions. But only need to define the position relationship between the wheel and the tool with the interface function to get the adjustment amount of each moving axis of the machine. 3. The macro program written by the user has nothing to do with "hardware". That is, it has nothing to do with the structure of the machine, the structure of the wheel and the parameters of the tool (bar material), and can be "transplanted" to different machines. 4. Without the support of machine manufacturers (or software suppliers). Users can easily write grinding procedures for non-standard tools and quickly respond to market demands. 5. Machine manufacturers (or software vendors) without having to develop applications in a high-level language (mainly user interface and the database management system). Simply write "expand macros that can be" first grinding out samples. Sample tool after authorization by the user, but also accumulated rich experience in grinding process after the development of application software. structure of bt150j
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