The Basic Function Of The 2-axis CBN Grinding Machine
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The Basic Function Of The 2-axis CBN Grinding Machine


CBN grinding machine is suitable for sharpening high-speed steel, hard alloy or other material tools. It is also convenient for grinding outer circle, plane groove and forming surface. If equipped with special accessories, it can also grind various gears and worm gear hobs. Formed to, ball end mill, twist drill, cone reamer and so on. This series of CBN grinding machine is flexible and can be used for two-dimensional adjustment. The head frame can be reversed in both directions and has an international standard 50-gauge hole for easy installation of various tools and fixtures. The table is supported on a preloaded ball guide for smooth motion. The workbench can be hydraulically driven by manual or stepless speed regulation.

2-axis CBN grinding machine basic function

After the transformation with the , the system has the following three basic functions. 1. General CNC system function: The system retains the basic functions of the original general-purpose CNC system, such as the 16-axis CNC 9-axis linkage axis control function, program verification function, MDI function, linear, arc, spiral interpolation function, M, S, T function, fault diagnosis display function, embedded PLC function, etc. 2. Automatic NC programming function: The big feature of this system is that it integrates the tool grinding programming software on the basis of the standard general-purpose numerical control system, and directly inputs the structural size and processing of the grounded tool by the graphical menu method on the CNC system. The process can be automatically programmed and processed to complete the integration of programming and processing. 3. Tool measurement and automatic tool setting function: In this system, the tool measurement function is integrated into the CNC system. In the CNC grinding of the tool, the automatic tool setting solves the problem of cumbersome manual tooling and poor precision. Demina is a company specializing in the development and production of tool grinding and processing equipment such as PCD tool grinder and 2-axis CBN grinding machine. Now our equipment has also been exported to foreign countries and has been well received by many users. Users who need it are welcome to come and buy.
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