Swing Parameters Of Diamond Grinding Wheel
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Swing Parameters Of Diamond Grinding Wheel


Because the diamond grinding wheel is relatively expensive, in order to make full use of the efficiency of the grinding wheel and prevent groove marks. According to the size of the PCD cutter, the amplitude of its swing should be paid attention to. By adjusting the swing amplitude and frequency of the swing frame of the grinding wheel of the cutting tool. The coincidence degree between the grinding wheel and the cutter should be greater than or equal to 1.

Beijing Demina’s BT-150H tool grinder is a manual type. The grinding wheel oscillation is controlled by the PLC program and move very smoothly. The swing range is between 0 to 30 mm (The max. swing range can be added to 150 mm according to the customer’s requirement.). The grinding wheel is with uniform consumption and timely self-sharpening, to ensure the grinding precision and roughness. So when the machine tool is grinding the PCD tools, the PCD tools can be stable and fine.

BT-150H is new grinding equipment professionally developed and designed by Beijing Demina. This equipment is designed for economical manufacturing and grinding of cutting tools in some industries. Such as CVD, PCD, PCBN, cemented carbide, tungsten And other cutting tools. It can grind angle and radius on standard and special turning and milling inserts, boring tools, grooving tools, and many types of special turning tools. Welcome to scan our website for more information.

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