Structural Features Of BT-150HG PCD Tool Grinder
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Structural Features Of BT-150HG PCD Tool Grinder


Market analysis of BT-150HG PCD tool grinder

BT-150HG PCD tool grinder an upgraded product in which many aspects of the device have been optimized. Resulting in a significant expansion of its application range. We will talk about the facts and see why people choose BT-150HG PCD tool grinder and the actual application range. The Precision BT-150HG PCD tool grinder system uses an advanced CNC system that is more powerful, more accurate, and simpler to operate. The various tools are applied to the actual, and the processing speed, idle speed. And the falling speed of the equipment can control so that the quality and processing efficiency of the product is obviously improved. Moreover, the range of the tool grinder can customize according to the different needs of different customers. Which can see more humanized. Such equipment is particularly prominent in various non-metal molds, and thus industries such as automobiles, yachts, aviation, and wind power have benefited. In addition, the instrument industry has the opportunity to use the PCD tool grinder because it can process 3D surfaces to meet the needs of musical instruments. The PCD tool analyzer is the most difficult and widely used technology in CNC technology. It integrates computer control, high-performance servo drive and precision machining technology into complex surface precision, automated machining. The five-axis linkage CNC machine tool is key processing equipment urgently needed by the civil industry and military departments such as power generation, ships, aerospace, molds, and high-precision instruments. International tool grinding technology is a symbol of the level of industrialization in a country.

Development of PCD tool grinder

Foreign tool grinder systems have emerged to accommodate the processing of polyhedrons and curved parts. With the new development of the grinding machine compounding technology, on the basis of the tool grinding machine. The turning and milling center capable of milling processing was quickly produced. BT-150HG PCD tool grinder application, its processing efficiency is equivalent to two three-axis machine tools. And even can completely eliminate the investment of some large-scale automated production lines, greatly saving the space and working between different manufacturing units time and cost. The demand of the market has promoted the development of China's BT-150HG PCD tool grinder. At the CIMT99 exhibition, the domestic tool grinding machine was on the stage of the grinding machine market. Tool grinding machines are used to machine end mills, ball end mills, step drills, reamers, forming cutters, deep hole drills, delta chisels, and bullhead grinders to sharpen the cutting edges and grooves of metal cutting tools. Generally, the outer circle, plane and complex shape of medium and small parts, the maximum grinding workpiece diameter is 250 mm.

Structural Features of BT-150HG PCD tool grinder

1. Special high-strength polymer bed, self-contained, stable structure, good rigidity, strong shock absorption, no special requirements for installation. 2. Finite element design, reasonable design of the five-axis structure, compact space, easy to operate, more effective stroke. 3. The main shaft is processed by high-speed dynamic balance and labyrinth seal. The spindle is water-cooled to effectively control the temperature rise. 4. Large workbench design, standard T-slot countertops, easy to install a variety of auxiliary fixtures. Effectively expand the scope of application, easy to face the processing of a variety of special tools. 5. Equipped with a 3D tool automatic measurement system, can automatically measure within a few seconds, start grinding. 6. Unique and ultra-high precision cutting oil cooling filter device, greatly improve the processing effect. Ensure the long-lasting cleaning of the grinding machine, and the quality of the tool.
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