Steps Of Cutting Edge Grinding Of Turning Tool
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Steps Of Cutting Edge Grinding Of Turning Tool


Methods And Steps Of Cutting Edge Grinding Of Turning Tool:

1. First, grind off the welding slag on the front and the back and then smooth the bottom surface of the lathe tool. The alumina grinding wheel with size no. 24-36 can be used.

2. Roughen the hilt of the main back and the secondary back: when sharpening the blade, tilt the turning tool at the horizontal position of the outer cylinder of the grinding wheel slightly higher than the center of the grinding wheel at an Angle 20-30 larger than the rear Angle on the cutting tool body. And move slowly from left to right to sharpen the main rear Angle and the secondary rear Angle on the cutting tool body. Optional particle size is 24-36, hardness is medium-soft alumina grinding wheel.

3. The main back of the rough grinding tool body: when the grinding tool face is finished. The tool handle should be kept parallel to the axis of the grinding wheel, and the bottom plane of the tool body should tilt toward the direction of the grinding wheel at an Angle 20 larger than the main back Angle. In the process of grinding, first press the polished rear clearance surface of the lathe tool against the outer circle of the grinding wheel. And take the position close to the center of the grinding wheel as the starting position of the grinding wheel, then make the grinding wheel continue to close to the grinding wheel, and slowly move left and right. When the grinding wheel is sharpened to the edge of the blade, it can be finished. In this way, the main Angle and the main Angle can be sharpened at the same time. Silicon carbide grinding wheel no. 36-60 can be used.

4. Coarse grinding Angle after vice: behind the mill vice, handle the tail should be turned to the right a pair of Angle Angle, tilt wheel direction turning tool at the same time the bottom flat face a bigger than vice Angle after 20’s perspective. The concrete method and the coarse grinding of the knife body is approximately the same god behind, behind different is coarse grinding wheel should be grinding to the point. It can also be worn outside Angle and side Angle at the same time.

5. Rough grinding front: rough grinding the front of the turning tool with the end face of the grinding wheel, and grinding the front Angle at the same time.

6. grinding chip groove: there are two kinds of chip grooves, one is linear, suitable for cutting harder materials. One is the circular arc, which is suitable for softer materials.

The chip groove of manual grinding is generally an arc shape, and the corner of the outer circle of the grinding wheel and the end face should be polished into a corresponding arc with the diamond pen of the grinding wheel. If the cutting edge grinds a linear chip groove, the intersection of the grinding wheel must be sharpened. The cutting edge can be ground downward or upward, but the width of the chamfering edge should be considered when selecting the cutting edge groove.

Notes for cutting chip groove:

The corner of the grinding wheel should always be sharp or have a certain shape of the arc when the edge of the grinding wheel has a larger edge, it should be trimmed in time.

The starting point of the ground should be at a distance from the tooltip and the main cutting edge. The distance from the main cutting edge should be half of the width of the chip groove plus the width of the chamfering edge.

When sharpening, pay attention to not too much force, turning tool along the direction of the handle slowly move. The small size of a forming, large size can be divided into rough grinding and fine grinding process.

7. Fine grinding main rear and vice rear: before fine grinding, it is best to trim the grinding wheel, keep the grinding wheel rotating smoothly, the bottom plane of the lathe tool depends on the adjusted bracket, and make the cutting edge lean gently on the end face of the grinding wheel, along the end face of the grinding wheel slowly move left and right.The optional grinding wheel size of 180-200.

8. Grind negative chamfering: the inclined Angle of negative chamfering is -50–100, and the width is b= (0.5-0.8) f. For the use of carbide turning tool in front of the Angle, and the strength of the material is particularly low is not suitable to use negative chamfering.

When grinding the negative chamfering, the force is slight, so that the back end of the main cutting edge swings toward the tip. When the knife grinding can use the straight grinding method and the cross grinding method, it is best to use the straight grinding method.

9. Grinding the transition edge: the method of grinding the transition edge is the same as that of the polished blade surface. When grinding the turning tool of harder materials, negative chamfering can also be made on the transition edge.

10.Manual grinding of turning tool: grinding with a whetstone, requiring smooth movement and even force.

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