Staff Training Of Demina
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Staff Training Of Demina


It is a learning society today. As an integral part of the whole society, enterprises should strive to become a learning enterprise no matter from their own development or from promoting the progress of the whole society. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has made its own efforts in this regard. Recently, Our company has held a staff training for three days, we believe that each employee can improve their professional skills very quickly through the training. At the same time, it can enhance the company's overall unity and cooperation  It is also good for establishing a nice working environment of our company. Of course, the results also confirmed this well. The training reflected the prudence of our engineers, the communication skills of our sales staff, the fluency of our operation staff and the seriousness and responsibility of our factory staff. We also learned a lot of professional knowledge and work spirit from each other through this training. Due to the good effect of this training, we will hold other forms of training irregularly in the future. Under such circumstances, we believe that the future of Demina will be better. So that we will be able to provide customers with products and services of high scene
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