Single Crystal Diamond Grinding
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Single Crystal Diamond Grinding


About Single Crystal Diamond

Therefore, it has extremely high hardness and wears resistance. The morphology of diamonds can be divided into single crystal, continuous body and polycrystal. Single crystals can be further divided into cubes, octahedrons, and diamond-shaped dodecahedrons. Among the crystal forms of synthetic diamond, hexahedron is the most common one. The single crystal of synthetic diamond is planar with obvious edges and top angles.

Diamond has high hardness and brittleness. Although the roughness of the tool surface is easy to be guaranteed during grinding, the cutting edge is easy to collapse and the sawtooth degree of the blade is not easy to be reduced.

Demina BT-150M can grind the single-crystal diamond with high quality. It can grind angles and radii on standard and special turning and milling inserts, boring tools, grooving tools and many types of special turning tools. It has CCD measurement equipment. Tool CCD image can be displayed, observed and measured online with the help of hairline. Welcome to visit our web site for details.

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