Self-sharpening Of The Grinding Wheel
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Self-sharpening Of The Grinding Wheel


The grinding wheel has the function of self-sharpening

The tool used in the grinding process is the grinding wheel, which is a multi-blade tool bonded by grinding particles and binders. The abrasive particles are of different shapes and are irregularly distributed. Each abrasive particle is equivalent to a knife tooth. During grinding, the grinding wheel has a high circumferential speed, generally about 35M/S. In addition to cutting the workpiece surface, the grinding wheel also has a strong role in extrusion and friction polishing. And the instantaneous temperature in the grinding area is up to about 1000℃.

Abrasive is a kind of high hardness non-metallic crystal. It can not only grind copper, aluminum, cast iron, and other soft materials but also can grind a variety of hardened hard steel, high-speed steel, and hard alloy and other hard materials.

After dressing the working face of the grinding wheel, can form a very fine cutting edge to cut off the extremely thin metal layer on the surface of the workpiece. And grinding also has a very high metal removal rate, such as through strong grinding, a cut of 2~20mm metal.

Grinding can obtain extremely high machining accuracy and extremely low surface roughness. With mirror grinding, the surface roughness of the workpiece can be up to ra0.01um, the surface of the workpiece is as smooth as a mirror, the size accuracy and shape accuracy can up to 1um, and the error is equivalent to 1/70 or less of the thickness of a person's hair. When grinding the grinding wheel, some blunt grinding grains can automatically fall off or break under certain conditions, exposing new sharp grains to participate in the grinding process. This feature is called the "self-sharpening" of the grinding wheel, which can keep the grinding performance of the grinding wheel good.

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