Selection Criteria Analysis Of CNC Grinding Machine
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Selection Criteria Analysis Of CNC Grinding Machine


Selection criteria for CNC grinding machine

China Micra-10 sharpening machine when machining, the surface used to determine the relative position of the workpiece to the automatic sharpener and tool is called the positioning reference. What are the criteria for the rough reference? First, the selected rough reference should facilitate positioning. Clamping, and machining, and make the fixture results simple. Second, if it is necessary to first ensure the positional accuracy requirement between the machined surface and the unmachined surface. The unmachined surface should be used as a rough reference. Third, in order to ensure that the roughing allowance of its important surface is small and uniform, the surface should be selected as a rough reference. Fourthly, in order to make the machining allowance of a plurality of surfaces on the blank relatively uniform. The fur surface of the remaining blank surface to the selected rough reference should select to be a rough reference. In addition, the rough reference should be flat, without defects such as gates, risers, and flashes. So that the positioning is reliable, and the coarse reference can only be used once to avoid large position errors. Before installing the grinding wheel of the sharpener, you should check its quality first. You can tap the side of the grinding wheel with a nylon hammer. If the sound is crisp, it means no problem. When installing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to consider the problem of balance. The imbalance is mainly caused by the inaccurate quality and installation of the grinding wheel so that the center of gravity of the grinding wheel does not coincide with the rotating shaft. Then pay attention to the positioning problem. Only the reasonable and appropriate location is selected, in order to carry out other installation work. Then it is the protection problem. Its main function is to effectively cover the grinding wheel debris when the fault occurs and to ensure the safety of the personnel. Therefore, when replacing the grinding wheel with a new grinding wheel. The installation of the protective cover should be firm and reliable, and the protective cover must not feel free to disassemble or discard.

Analysis of Grinding Machine Precision

In addition, we must pay attention to the rigidity and precision of the sharpener. The accuracy depends on the design principle of the sharpener and the function of the sharpener components. No matter what kind of sharpening machine, the precision of machining is the key factor that restricts the processing of the workpiece. So it should well understand. If a measurement error occurs, it is generally caused by an error caused by the gage, a measurement method error, and the like. When adjusting the error, if the adjustment method is used, the measured sample cannot fully reflect the dimensional dispersion of various random errors in the processing. Affecting the correctness of the adjustment size, resulting in dimensional error, tool error and tool wear. Mechanism repeat positioning accuracy, feed error, process system thermal deformation. Workpiece mounting error, grinding machine spindle rotation error, grinding machine guide rail geometry error. The geometric relationship between feed motion and spindle is incorrect. In addition, there are grinding machine transmission error, forming motion principle error, tool error. Process system stress deformation, workpiece residual stress, process system thermal deformation and so on. A is a machine for grinding metal equipment. For CNC grinding machines, what specifications should follow during operation? Pay attention to check whether the three-phase four-wire power is normal. The running direction of the grinding head and the grinding wheel and whether it is in accordance with the direction indicated by the stroke button. During the operation, the oil should lubricate at any time on the track to prevent the track from being worn due to lack of oil. In the process of calibrating. If there is an error in the left and right. It can adjust by the adjusting screw on the knife holder. Moreover, in the process of sharpening the knife, it should note that the amount of the feed cannot be too large. So as to prevent the feed amount from being too large, the blade and the heat are too high to deform the blade. So that the blade edge of the milled blade is not in a straight line. When there is a burr on the edge of the blade, it means that the blade has been ground. So there is no need to feed the knife until the spark is small, the blade is removed, and the stone is used to deburr. When not using the CNC sharpener, you must wipe the water stain on the knife holder. Butter or oil to prevent rust, the oil hole on the machine, you must first fill the oil before going to work every day. Demina is a professional Micra-10 sharpening machine manufacturer. Users who are in need are welcome to purchase.
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