Selection And Maintenance Of Tension Rivets
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Selection And Maintenance Of Tension Rivets


How to use the rivets correctly in CNC tool

The numerical control tool of the rivets is a very important part, if not when to use, it will be disqualified. Toppling over again, it is conceivable that how such small parts play a bigger role. In order to make everyone better operating, today, to talk about how to correctly use rivets, to prevent unnecessary loss.

Selection and maintenance of tension rivets

Modern machine tools have become faster, more powerful, and "smarter," producing complex parts with less input. However, no matter how advanced the processing technology. And how well the equipment is maintained, eventually in the movement of mechanical parts. There will always be some traces of use. The pull rivets that this text states, it is to point to boring and milling kind of CNC machine tool main shaft and the pull tight element between tool handle. It can wear out and damage for a long time, but because it is very small. It can replace, also cheaper, so it is in the importance of processing not easy to cause people's attention. In order to make the machine tool can normal operation and timely maintenance. It should be a rivet and machine tool tensioning mechanism and standard handle and rivet matching knowledge. In addition, the operator of the machine tool, maintenance personnel should also have a pull rivet selection, maintenance, damage determination of common sense. At the same time, I also recommend you use SFX brand pull rivet, strict inspection, reliable quality, maintenance, and worry.

Selection of pull-rivets

Face various pull rivet, how to find the model specification that one needs? It is best to choose according to your machine tool specifications to pull rivets. Most machine tool manufacturers will provide rivet drawing in the machine tool manual. It can also directly on the machine tool with the pull rivet measurement later determined. Most pull rivets have 7 ~ 10 sizes and need to provide to the supplier when ordering. However, special attention should be paid to three main parts: the angle of the stud head, the distance from the datum level to this angle and the type of thread. All three dimensions are easy to measure.

Maintenance of tacks

Although pull rivets belong to consumables, easy to buy, they still need appropriate stock. In the reserve should avoid each other bump, scratch, and scratch, otherwise, it will affect the service life of pull rivets. For the tension rivet with the "O" seal ring, it should replace regularly the "O" ring. After pulling rivets are removed, they should thoroughly clean (not by spraying or other particle cleaning methods). A torque wrench should use to install the tacks. The appropriate torque can extend the service life of the tacks, and also ensure the consistency of the torque to ensure the safety of the machining process. Magnetic particle testing should carry out for tacks used in roughing processes so that cracks under the surface can be detected in a timely manner. In addition, a maintenance record shall be established, which shall include: who tested the puller, the content, and the result of the test, the time of completion, etc.

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