Safety Precautions When Using A Tool Grinder
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Safety Precautions When Using A Tool Grinder


The CNC tool grinding machine has high precision, good rigidity, and is economical and practical. It is especially suitable for sharpening various small and medium-sized things, such as reamers, taps, twist drills, reaming drills, various milling cutters, milling cutter heads, and gear shapers. With the cooperation of corresponding accessories, it can grind the outer circle, the inner circle, and the plane, and can also grind the model and mold. Diamond wheels can be used to sharpen all kinds of carbide tools. Tool grinders are special-purpose grinders for the manufacture of tools and tools, including universal tool grinders, drill bit grinders, broach blade grinders, tool curve grinders, etc. They are mostly used in tool workshops of tool manufacturers and machine manufacturers. Although the is widely used, we still need to pay attention to some matters when using it.

Precautions when using a tool grinder

1. Safety precautions. Electrical installations or repairs should be carried out by a qualified electrician. 2. Before starting, check whether the voltage and frequency on the motor nameplate are the same as the power supply. 3. The contact pins on the machine's power plug and socket should be firmly secured without looseness or contact. 4. Don't abuse the wires, don't pull the power cord on the socket with force, the wires should be far away from the high temperature, sharp margins. 5. Immediately unplug when there is a malfunction or there is an abnormal sound response. Turn off the button switch on the left side of the machine tool spindle box, and then perform inspection and repair. 6. Don't let the machine work in unmanned condition, it is necessary to stop working before leaving. When the power is blocked by the outside, press the red button, otherwise, the machine will work without a call. 7. Insist on the workplace clean and tidy, not in the damp, messy, faint light. Use machine tools inflammable and explosive situations. Keep children or visitors away from the machine and avoid various unsafe elements. 8. The machine tool cannot exceed the large cutting capacity to avoid various unsafe elements. 9. The workpiece should be fastened firmly when working, do not hold the workpiece, so both hands can be used to operate the machine. 10. Keep the surface of the guide rails clean. Do not let sand and dust enter to avoid damage to the guide rails. 11. When the parts and accessories of the machine tool are damaged, please don't substitute it arbitrarily. Use the corresponding spare parts with the same function.
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