Safety Measures For BT-150M Tool Grinder
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Safety Measures For BT-150M Tool Grinder


China BT-150M tool grinder is a CNC lathe that grinds and polishes the surface of castings with abrasive tools. Tool grinding machines are used in a wide range of applications, not only for high-precision, high-efficiency grinding, but also for grinding with low roughness, and for polishing and polishing a variety of hard and brittle materials, so they are used in manufacturing. It is widely welcomed. The important castings of the tool grinder adopt high-grade cast iron with rare metal and pass through the quenching treatment, taking natural and vibrating and removing stress to ensure high precision, high rigidity and strengthen equipment life. The automatic lubrication system of the grinding machine adopts a circulating automatic lubrication system. When the servo motor starts, the lubricating oil is automatically circulated, which provides forced lubrication to each screw rod and slide rail, which can greatly reduce the degree of rail wear.

Safety measures for tool grinding machines

1. When starting the tool grinder, it is necessary to complete the detailed inspection of the machine's external grinding machine in detail, including the inspection of the control mechanism, instrumentation equipment, and magnetic suction cups. After the inspection is completed, it will be lubricated. After the lubrication, the test operation will be completed. Check that everything is good and you can use it. 2. When installing the casting, consider the positive and tight clamping. In the grinding step of the tool grinding machine, the loosening of the casting will cause the casting to fall and cause serious injury such as injury or smashing of the sand wheel. When driving, use the manual adjustment measures to make the sand wheel piece slower and close to the casting. The cutting speed should be small, and the force should not be too strong to prevent the sand wheel from being hit. When reciprocating with the iron stopper to operate the console, it is necessary to precisely adjust the grinding length of the tool grinding machine and tighten the retaining iron. When removing the sand wheel, first take the appearance inspection, can you have a trauma, and then use a wooden hammer or a wooden stick to beat, the sound needs to be clear and crack-free. When the tool grinding machine replaces the sand wheel, it must meet the prescribed measures and standard assembly. After the static balance adjustment, install and test the car. After everything is normal, it can be used. 3. The operator should wear goggles when working, and finish the sand wheel when it is finished stably to prevent a collision. Detection of castings, alterations or scrubbing tool grinders should be carried out after shutdown. When using a magnetic suction cup, the disc surface and the casting must be wiped clean, pressed tightly, and sucked tightly. If necessary, the retaining iron can be added to prevent the casting from moving backward or flying out. Pay attention to the sand wheel cover or CNC lathe baffle, and the station should face the front of the high-speed running sand wheel. 4. There are many kinds of products in the machinery manufacturing industry, and the casting size is different, and the precision of processing is different. Relative to the specified speed of the sand wheel, the acceleration of the servo motor is not the same. It is difficult to change the speed of the servo motor to grasp the acceleration of the grinding and polishing of the casting. In view of the stress bending formed by the shaft machining process, the grinding step of the tool grinding machine will form a difference in the grinding torque of the sand wheel, which will cause the difference in the output speed/torque of the sand wheel to change, which will cause the vibration pattern/burning grain. Etc., the grinding accuracy cannot be guaranteed, resulting in low productivity and poor quality. Demina is a professional BT-150M tool grinder supplier. Our equipment has good performance and ex-factory price. Welcome to consult.
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