Safety Knowledge Of Tool Grinding Machines
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Safety Knowledge Of Tool Grinding Machines


Precautions of tool grinding machine

When using any equipment, you must first know some of its precautions in order to use the equipment better. The same applies to the tool grinder. Demina produces the BT-150E tool grinding machine is better proof. Compared with the previous tool grinding machine, the progress is not only a little bit. This is a step forward. The grinding machine is divided into several types. One of the types, each type of grinding machine has its own role. BT-150E tool grinding machine to grinding inserts, its accuracy is very high. That is, the height is more worthy of cherish, this kind of grinding machine can grind a lot of tools out. And the use is particularly convenient, also There are some drill bits, which are all made in this way. If you don't understand, you can look at it and find out more about using it safely. Tool grinders can't be reversed, and machines like grinders must dry, clean, safe, ventilated, and well lit. Don't dirty the machine easily. If you don't use tool grinders, be sure. Look at the instruction manual of the grinding machine. These are indispensable. The unreasonable use of the grinding machine is very dangerous. After the tool grinder is started, do not touch the grinder at will, just in case, it will be damaged casually. A grinder is a processing tool. Do not distract when doing things on it. If something goes wrong, it will be late. Be sure to know to turn off the power when you are not using it, just in case something else will leak.

Safety knowledge of tool grinding machines

The its main function is to finish some tools and parts. It is also possible to smooth the surface of some parts with high hardness after quenching, to achieve the form we need. Of course, this kind of machine is also relatively dangerous. Only the person holding the worker's certificate can operate. Talk about the safety knowledge you need to know during the operation of the tool grinder. 1. When using a tool grinder, check that the voltage and frequency above the motor label are consistent with the power supply. After that, I have to check whether the power socket is securely fastened, and there is no loose or poor contact. In use, do not pull the power cord on the socket, because in use, the voltage required by the appliance is very large. It causes the wires to become soft, easy to break, the wires should keep away from high temperatures and some sharp edges. 2. BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine in the process of use, if a fault occurs or an abnormal sound is heard, the power should be unplugged immediately. Should turn off the switch on the left button of the machine, and then the inspection and repair should be carried out. 3. Then there is a problem with wearing. The tool grinder operator's proper wearing can avoid many safety hazards. It should fit during the wearing process. Do not wear some loose clothes, nor wear jewelry and gloves to operate. The clothes will affect your skilled operation, and you will accidentally get on the lathe. It is also a danger to yourself. If you have long hair, bring a hat to operate and prevent it from getting involved.
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