Safe Operation Of CNC Tool Grinder
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Safe Operation Of CNC Tool Grinder


Although the CNC tool grinder is very common nowadays, it is difficult for some users who do not understand the device to operate the tool grinder. So how do we better operate the tool grinder? Below Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd will come to you for analysis.

Safe operation of CNC tool grinder

1. Lubricate each part of the machine before starting the tool grinder, check whether the mechanical drive is normal and whether the switch button is reliable to ensure that the grinding wheel is intact without damage. 2. Start the grinding wheel to the normal machining speed by inching and idle for five minutes. 3. Attention should be paid when installing the grinding wheel. Check whether the appearance of the grinding wheel is complete before installation. 4. Tap the grinding wheel to hear a clear sound to ensure that the grinding wheel is intact without damage. 5. The clamping part of the grinding wheel should pad with asbestos mat. After clamping, the grinding wheel should be balanced for the first time. 6. The grinding wheel shall not exceed the speed of warning. 7. Reasonable selection of grinding amount, strictly prohibits overload grinding. 7. Before grinding should check whether the workpiece suction or clamping firm. Clamping high workpiece and the bottom area of the workpiece should be used to block against or special clamping fixture clamping, in case of failure. 8. No one should stand in front of the rotation position of the grinding wheel when the machine is started to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking and flying out or the workpiece from flying out. 9. At the end of the work, the machine tool shall be wiped clean, the power supply shall be cut off. The parts shall be put in order, and the worksite shall be kept clean.  
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