Rosshair Circle Signal Generator Is A Kind Of Electronic Line Generator
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Rosshair Circle Signal Generator Is A Kind Of Electronic Line Generator


Product introduction of VD8028 cross - wire circular signal generator

The crosshair circle signal generator is a kind of electronic line generator which combines video processing chip, microcontroller, and measurement technology. This product not only completes the function of converting the AV signal into a VGA signal. But also USES the video developed by the company to process the OSD function of special IC, and displays the crossover or horizontal and vertical lines and circle signals for alignment on the screen. This machine has very high stability and reliability, electronic line display position without any drift. The product can display 8 groups of crosshairs and or 8 separate freely moving horizontal or vertical lines and two groups of circular signals. The precise position of each line can adjust accurately and conveniently with the key. For the circular signal, the size of the circle and the position of the center of the circle can adjust. It can be used for the detection of connector pin evenness and the correction of a pin, the display, and the positioning of the micro-welding system. The installation and positioning indication of the magnetic head production line, the precise positioning indication of the printed circuit board (PCB) cording machine camera. The positioning hemisphere of fixture and the simulation programming and positioning of CNC milling machine, etc.  

Product feature of VD8028 cross - wire circular signal generator

1. Pure hardware circular signal generator chip, two groups of circular signals can be freely adjusted by the user in size and position, with the adjustment accuracy of 1. 2. Patented technology: the video ratio of the camera can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the image of the camera can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 9 to 10 to 16 to 9. 3. It can perfectly present round objects without worrying about the misproportion of the widescreen display. Advanced bidirectional prediction deinterleaving technology: this technology adopts bidirectional video image prediction and accurate interpolation of image information so that the image after deinterleaving can reproduce perfectly the still object and can clearly show the small edge of the object under test. 4. Closest to video amplification technology: this technology is specially designed to make high-resolution LCD display images better. A special algorithm is adopted to keep the VGA output closest to the acquisition resolution of the camera, which can give full play to the high-definition display capability of high-end display. 5. 8 complete independent control of the circle signal of the cross wire: the position of 8 groups of circle signals (8 horizontal and 8 vertical) can be adjusted independently, and their respective positions can be stored. After shutdown, the adjusted position can be automatically entered after starting up. 6. Super noise reduction function: built-in special CMOS noise reduction algorithm can significantly reduce the noise generated by CMOS camera under low illumination, suitable for low-cost cameras. 7. Advanced color optimization function: the video image is specially optimized for color, the crisscross circle signal is enhanced for clarity, the image is soft and comfortable so that the operator can observe for a long time without feeling fatigued. 8. Single-chip dual-core architecture: single-chip built-in MCU+ video processing circuit is adopted, which makes the equipment more reliable and works when power is on, with stable performance and higher cost performance.Technical parameter index.

Technical parameter index of VD8028 cross - wire circular signal generator

The name: VD8028 cross - wire circular signal generator Camera support: NTSC,PAL,SECAM Automatic identification Video input interface: Composite video signal interface Input level: 75Ω 1V(P-P) Video output format: 1366x768@60(WXGA) Output interface: simulation VGA(DB-15) The power supply requirements: +5V,1A Cross pattern: 13 kinds:no,1/2/4/8 Horizontal line,1/2/4/8 vertical bar,1/2/4/8 Crosswire circle signal Cross circle signal mode: 3 kinds: 2 round signals;2 circular signals +2 horizontal lines +2 vertical lines;1 round signal +1 horizontal line +1 vertical line ross circle signal color: colorful Appearance size (height × width × depth): 50×120×200mm Weight:600g Ambient temperature: -10℃~70℃ Working environment humidity: 0%~90% no longer The power consumption of the largest: 3w    
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