Questions And Answers About The PP-60N Universal Drill Grinding Machine
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Questions And Answers About The PP-60N Universal Drill Grinding Machine


Q & A of universal drill grinding machine

The universal drill grinder in the grinding machine is one of the keywords. So for us, the attitude of learning can not underestimate. And this is one of its basic requirements. Therefore, in order to reflect the importance of this product. Below, the professional universal drill grinding machine manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to the mechanical equipment. Q: If the rotational speed of the drill grinder is high, is there a higher dynamic balance requirement for the grinding wheel? In addition, is the programming of the grinding machine the same as the CNC milling machine? A: If the rotational speed of the drill grinder is high. Then the requirements for the dynamic balance of the grinding wheel are relatively high and strict. And in the vibration of the grinding machine, it must small. As for the grinding machine, the programming of this kind of grinding machine is similar to that of the CNC milling machine. But it is different in the movement of the grinding wheel. In addition, there may be some special instructions. Q: What is the specificity of the taper in the drill grinder? A: The taper in the drill grinder. Which specifically refers to the ratio between the diameter difference between the upper and lower bottom circles and the height of the frustum on the round table. The general understanding of taper refers to the ratio between the diameter of the conical bottom surface and the height of the cone. Therefore, the above definition is based on this definition. Q: What are the models of the drill grinders produced by your manufacturer? A: As a professional manufacturer of drill grinding machines. We produce a variety of grinding machine models, including , Drill resharpening machine and other types of equipment. And we not only produce equipment, but we also export equipment. Now our products have been exported to the United States, Japan, and other countries. And the good equipment performance has been well received by users. Q: What is the performance of your equipment? A: We are factory direct production, our production technology is to introduce advanced foreign production technology. And our technicians innovate production. The equipment produced not only has good performance, but also reliable quality. Our equipment is all factory direct production, factory price sales to users, to ensure the quality and price of equipment.

Performance structure characteristics OF PP-60N universal drill grinding machine

PP-60N universal drill grinding machine is a grinding machine that processes the crank neck. Main journal neck, connecting rod neck and thrust surface of the crankshaft by pre-programming according to the processing requirements. It can also use for general external grinding. Easy to operate, high machining accuracy, suitable for batch processing of crankshaft parts. The universal bit grinding machine adopts the point-tracking grinding technology to develop high-speed and high-precision CNC crankshaft grinding machines. Which has become the trend of the overall technical development of crankshaft grinding. Adopting the following oscillating grinding rod neck technology, through the two-wheel frame feed axis and the workpiece rotary axis and on-line detection. The NC control is fully closed-loop control, and the simultaneous grinding of the connecting rod necks of two different phases of the crankshaft is realized. Simultaneous grinding of a connecting rod neck and the main journal or two main journals. It completely solves the shortcomings of traditional eccentric clamping type crankshaft grinding machine with poor flexibility and complicated adjustment. The universal drill grinder realizes the precision machining of the connecting rod neck, the main journal and the thrust surface in one clamping of the crankshaft.
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