Programming And Control System (ToolMaker V2.0) For Five-Axis Tool Grinding Machine
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Programming And Control System (ToolMaker V2.0) For Five-Axis Tool Grinding Machine


Tool Maker v2.0 developed by Demina includes Beckhoff of Germany, TOOLBOX tool grinding application software of Switzerland and K3E-002-001S of Japan. It is a compact, efficient and intelligent tool grinding expert system, which can integrate with any machine tool structure. It is a professional solution for the manufacturer of five-axis CNC tool grinder and the transformation of machine tools to deal with the manufacture and re-grinding of any type of rotary tool. This part is described as follows.

TOOLBOX tool grinding application software of Switzerland

This is a simulation software system of programming, checking and grinding based on Five-axis NC tool grinder. It provides a toolbox for the manufacture and grinding of high-precision tools. Among them, there are application software packages suitable for all kinds of axisymmetric tools and drills. The software is suitable for any kind of CNC tool grinder (at least five axes). Each CNC axis can configure with relative coordinates, direction, limit, workpiece card position, spindle installation position, probe and tool blank, which provides unlimited possibilities for the overall layout of the machine tool.

Beckhoff five-axis digital control system of Germany

Beckhoff, Germany manufactured the system. Based on the new technology of PC automation, a complete and compatible control system is composed of industrial PC, Fieldbus module and TwinCAT automation software. It can provide an open automation system and a complete solution for five-axis tool grinder. TwinCAT automation software can provide motion control solutions. The system has the communication function of the high performance EtherCAT system. The servo motor using single cable technology integrates the power supply and feedback system into a standard motor cable, thus reducing the commissioning cost.

Probe Detection System

METRO Company of Japan made the probe is a three-dimensional trigger sensor. It can automatically operate as follows under the drive of the NC program. 1. Detecting the tools' length and the installation position of tools' axis. 2. Automatically calculating the size of the spiral groove' angle, usually used in the re-grinding of tools. 3. Measuring the position of milling cutter's first tooth, so that the cutter can index accurately. 4. Any measurement required by the customers can customize and develop.
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