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Professional BT-150D 4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Manufacturer --- Demina Precision Machinery


Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of shaft CNC tool grinding machines. Our models are traditional and 4-axis CNC tool grinding machines and related grinding peripherals. Including wheel dresser and step grinding machine. The BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder is a pre-process equipment for the continuous centerless grinding machine before the tool grinding. It meets the rising demand for 3C industrial knife, aerospace polishing tool, step drill tool and forming punch in recent years. Demina has developed the 4-axis CNC tool grinder with dual-spindle double-grinding wheel structure and designed the two grinding wheels in a one-to-one synchronous grinding mechanism. The workpiece is assisted by a V-shaped support block and a rotating wheel. The grinding method, combined with the DXF import function of the self-developed TP Smart software. Can replace the grinding of the multi-section arc that cannot achieve by the cylindrical grinding machine. Controlled by the intelligent system of the whole machine. The dimensional accuracy of the continuous production of the workpiece can control at 0.003mm, the concentricity is 0.002mm. And the surface roughness Ra can reach 0.05um.

Innovation OF Demina 4-axis CNC tool grinder

The Demina four-axis CNC tool grinding machine is mainly used for the pre-tooling process and the grinding of the forming punch. This equipment is the intermediate equipment before the grinding of the tool after the centerless grinding. The main structure of the four-axis CNC cylindrical grinding machine is equipped with a three-axis robot automatic loading and unloading system to achieve automatic production of the whole machine. In the grinding spindle part, the double-spindle double grinding wheel is designed to place on the X and U axes. The two grinding wheels are taken in one synchronous mode, the workpiece is moved to design two parallel shafts. And the new material is grounded using the Z-axis. In this way, the regrind portion of the old material is moved by the W axis. During the grinding process, through the assistance of the V-shaped support block and the rotating wheel and the temperature control system of the whole machine. The dimensional accuracy of the continuous production of the workpiece can control at 0.003mm and the concentricity is 0.002mm. The rod material has a total grinding length of 330 mm, a diameter ranging from 0.025 to 16 mm. And a length to diameter ratio of up to 350 times.

The practicality of Demina 4-axis CNC tool grinding machine

01. Four-axis CNC tool grinding machine TP-4 is based on Taiwan Advantech IPC. It adopts touch screen operation and is equipped with a self-developed HMI interface. TP Smart step software, Smart Machine Client and Smart Machine Server system to make TP-4. The four-axis CNC cylindrical grinding machine reaches the production line equipment of Industry 4.0 with intelligent machine networking. 02. with automatic correction function. Respectively correct the position of the tray of the finished claw and the material claw in the tray area and the folder clamping position of the working area. 03. In mass production, the pre-probe positioning function is used to record the clamping length of each workpiece before grinding. After grinding, the workpiece diameter end measuring system is used. And each workpiece size is recorded as the grinding finished product data management. It can regrind on the machine when the dimensional tolerance is set. 04. The SMC and SMS systems are mainly used for cross-system connection of heterogeneous communication in the tool machine production line. The software program is installed on the IPC and connected to the network. The machine can display the machine utilization rate and integrate the factory equipment on the server-side.  Real-time monitoring of the plant area, mobile APP monitoring.

Structure and quality OF Four-axis CNC tool grinding machine

01. The main structural parts of the equipment have been analyzed by CAE. And the appropriate rib distribution is used to optimize the rigidity/weight of the structure. The four axes are pre-compressed precision rail and precision ball screw mechanism, servo motor drove it. 02. Using laser interferometer to compensate for the positioning accuracy of each axis item. Repeating positioning accuracy R≦0.002mm according to ISO230-2 and GB/T 17421.2-2000 standard, positioning accuracy A≦0.004mm 03. Stable quality, in line with ISO 9001. Europe is the main market that meets its CE safety standards.

Market OF Four-axis CNC tool grinding machine

01. At present, Demina four-axis CNC tool grinding machines are exported to countries such as the United States, Mexico, Turkey, and Japan. Currently, they are sold by Demina and sold with local agents. In 2019, it successfully developed South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and other countries. 02. Demina four-axis CNC tool grinding machine automation was successfully developed at the end of 2016. In 2017, through the exposure of TIMTOS, 5 units were successfully sold in Beijing to the index tool manufacturer, and in 2018 at the machine tool exhibition in Germany, Russia, and China. , the United States, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Taichung, Thailand, the exhibition entered the export market. And successfully sold to Japan's Mitsubishi Materials Co., Ltd., Poland, Thailand, Turkey, China, and other regions, the successful development of four-axis CNC tool grinding machine. The company is taking a big step forward in precision tool grinding technology.

Economy OF Four-axis CNC tool grinding machine

BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder implements the technology localization policy. And produces its own intelligent CNC precision tool grinding machine that can compete with similar foreign models. Effectively achieving more than 50% of imported imports. The self-developed design and production of the four-axis CNC tool grinding machine have low cost and strong market competitiveness. In addition to Demina, the cylindrical grinding machine for the simultaneous grinding of external cylindrical workpieces in Taiwan has not been successfully developed by the manufacturer. It is an important key indicator technology for the Beijing tool machine industry. It has the autonomy and internationalization of Taiwan's industry. Great significance.

Aesthetics OF Four-axis CNC tool grinding machine

Demina BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder is a complete machine automation device, the operation is divided into two areas. One is the front working area of ​​the machine, and the other is the side loading and unloading system operation area. The four-axis structure of the machine and the operation of the three-axis loading and unloading system are integrated on the HMI operation interface, so the operation box design takes into account the convenience of the user. Designed to rotate 240 degrees. The Demina four-axis CNC tool grinder has the appearance of the above-mentioned arc-shaped appearance and allows the three-layer door and the sheet metal to have a layered sense and a multi-view way to think. When the operator is operating the machine, it is necessary to check the machine grinding time. The operation is based on the design of the window, each on the front and the side, allowing the operator to view it conveniently while using it, and to easily and conveniently maintain the machine. Demina's four-axis CNC tool grinder window is deliberately designed on the same horizontal line, which reduces the operator's visual error. The front three-layer door opening type allows the user to erect the workpiece without any obstacles and has a large space for comfortable activities. Which makes the operator more convenient to operate. Based on the center blue of DeminaLOGO in the color scheme, the machine is designed as a fine gift appearance, from the base to the outer sheet metal 1/3 height. With the right front corner post extending to the top of the machine table, so that the overall texture is improved, also making the machine The recognition of the station is even higher.
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