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  • PCBN Insert And PCD Insert Products

      1.PCBN insert and PCD Insert Products introduction: PCBN is short for polycrystalline cubic boron nitride. PCBN Insert has high hardness, microhardness HV700~9800Mpa, similar to diamond hardness, high thermal conductivity, and can withstand high cutting temperature. Hardened steel has high strength, high hardness, low plasticity, large cutting force, high cutting temperature, and high requirements for tool resistance, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity. According to the current processing technology, PCBN Insert is very suitable for processing hardened steel tools. It can process high hardness cast iron, steel, gray cast iron, stainless steel, and so on. PCD is short for polycrystalline diamond, which is translated into Chinese as polycrystalline diamond. Polycrystalline diamond refers to a polycrystal sintered at a high temperature (1400℃) under high pressure by mixing diamond micro powder (micron size) with a small amount of metal powder (such as Co, etc.).Industrial use is mainly PCD composite, PCD insert is to use PCD composite blade as raw material. PCD insert has the advantages of high hardness, low friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, wear resistance, long life, and so on. In recent years, as long as the tool to car generation of grinding, milling generation of grinding processing, PCBN insert and PCD insert products are very popular.  

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