Product Update: Standard Board
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Product Update: Standard Board


The introduction of cemented carbide board

Cemented carbide board, also known as cemented carbide plate. It is one of many cemented carbide materials, named for its rectangular plate shape. Cemented carbide board is mainly made of WC tungsten carbide powder and Cobalt by the metallurgical method through the process of powder making, ball milling, pressing and low-pressure sintering. The product has good compactness, no holes, no trachoma, and high dimensional precision (blank tolerance is controlled at ±2.2~±2.2, blank precision is controlled at ±0.01). In addition, less processing allowance is helpful to improve your production efficiency and in the meanwhile, can greatly reduce your processing costs.

The characteristics of the cemented carbide board's material

Cemented carbide board have excellent red hardness, high hardness, good wear resistance, high elastic module, high compressive strength, good chemical stability (such as acid, alkali, high-temperature oxidation resistance), low impact toughness, low coefficient of expansion, and its thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are similar to iron and alloys.

The range of application

1. It is used to make punching die. 2. It is used to make wear-resistant cutting tool. 3. It is used to make the high-temperature resistant part, wear-resistant parts and shield resistant parts. For example, the guideway of the machine tool. 4. It is used to make corrosion-resistant parts in the chemical industry. 5. The material properties of the cemented carbide board for different purposes are not the same. The suitable material should be selected according to the use. We offer different dimensions of the cemented carbide board.  If you have any interest in our product, please leave a message on our website. And welcome to make orders.
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