Product Update: Grinding Wheel
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Product Update: Grinding Wheel


Our company has two types of grinding wheel, the first one is for ND & Monocrystal, the other one is for PCD & PCBN. Diamond bruiting wheel, ceramic diamond wheel, the vitrified bond diamond bruiting wheel also called ceramic bond diamond bruiting wheel.

Grinding wheel for PCD & PCBN

This grinding wheel has high hardness, can be cut freely, and combines the characteristics of resin and metal bonding process. It prolongs tool life, improves grinding efficiency and productivity, and achieves minimum maintenance and optimal performance. A large number of exports to the famous diamond industry country, such as India, Thailand, Israel, Belgium, Botswana, Nambia, etc.  Welcome to come to make orders.

Installation and usage instructions

1. Before installing and using the grinding wheel, the appearance inspection must carry out to check whether there are cracks or damages. And the sound produced by striking the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer should clear and crisp. Rotation test should carry out according to GB/T 2493 standard before using, otherwise, it is strictly forbidden to use. 2. Before installation, the spindle speed of the machine tool must check and must not exceed the maximum working speed that indicated on the grinding wheel. 3. Tightening grinding wheels are only allowed to use special nut wrenches, and must tighten gradually and symmetrically on the opposite sides of the spindle in sequence. The nut should tighten properly. Supplementary fixtures or knocking tools are prohibited. 4. Turning off the coolant to keep the grinding wheel balance. 5. The fit of grinding wheel aperture with grinding wheel spindle and chuck should comply with GB4674 standard. 6. The newly installed grinding wheel must idle at the following time at working speed with protective cover. (The grinding wheel with outer diameter less than 400mm is not less than 2 minutes. The grinding wheel with an outer diameter more than 400mm is not less than 5 minutes. When idling, the operator should not stand in front of the grinding wheel or in the tangent direction.) 7. Wheels not especially used for end grinding (such as parallel grinding wheels) should not ground with the end of the grinding wheel. Wheels not especially used for cylindrical grinding(such as bowl-shaped and cup-shaped grinding wheels) should also not ground with the outer circle of the grinding wheel in order to avoid wheel breakage. 8. It is forbidden to push the workpiece with a lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel when grinding a workpiece with a grinding wheel.    
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