Polishing Of Diamond Tools
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Polishing Of Diamond Tools


Manufacturers are using the ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel for grinding diamond tools.

The ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel has the common characteristics of the diamond and ceramic bonds. Compared with ordinary corundum and silicon carbide grinding tools, it has a strong grinding force, lower grinding temperature and less wear. Can adapt to a variety of coolant action. The products grinded with the ceramic bond diamond wheel grinding tool not only have good shape, but also have high precision in grinding the parts. Abrasives have better self-sharpening, longer dressing intervals and easier dressing. Therefore, in some developed countries, ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheels are increasingly used, and the scope of use of this equipment is also becoming wider and wider.

When using ceramic bonded diamond wheels for grinding, reasonable process parameters must be selected. Ceramic bonded diamond wheels grind single-crystal diamond, its grinding efficiency is higher than that of metal bonded wheels. The wear rate is very small, and the processing cost is low. When grinding PCD tools, the resin binder is soft and easily deformed during grinding, so PCD tools cannot be effectively ground. Due to the strong binding ability of the metal binder and the abrasive particles, the self-sharpening of the grinding tool is poor and the grinding efficiency is low. Moreover, metal bonded abrasive wheels can cause the most severe damage to the edges of PCD tools. Therefore, it is important for the grinding wheel to select the appropriate grinding parameters according to the product to be ground.

Demian’s tool grinding machines have advanced technology and excellent equipment performance. They can be used to grind PCD tools and diamond tools with ceramic bonded diamond wheels. Users are welcome to come to buy.

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