Performance Characteristics Of Micra-10 Small Drill Grinding Machine
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Performance Characteristics Of Micra-10 Small Drill Grinding Machine


Performance characteristics of Micra-10 small drill grinding machine

1. Custom-grade high-end grinding head, from the mechanical structure of the grinding head to the motor matching. All follow the Demina special matching rules, the vacant space adjustment device of the shaft clearance part. And the gap-free device of the grinding head to ensure the smooth and vibration-free displacement of the transmission. The feed grinding amount is large, the equipment has a long service life, and the precision grinding wheel has high feed precision. The electromagnetic suction cutter head is used as a knife table. The high-power multi-coil suction cup provides super-adsorption force. It is equipped with a time-delayed demagnetization degaussing function. The tool placement is accurate and firm, convenient for users to operate, and the work efficiency is extremely high. At the same time, it matches the mechanized transmission of the worm and worm. And there is almost no noise during the operation to protect the user's physical and mental health. In addition, the turbine reducer is adjusted by the rack drive, and the precision transmission ratio is high. 2. Concentrated fueling device, after the end of the whole grinding process. One-time centralized refueling saves time and is convenient to operate. It is equipped with active liquid cleaning and cleaning device, filter slagging device. And the cleaning head is always cleaned with cooling liquid during the reciprocating process. There is no residue on the surface of the tool and the control accuracy is lost. 3. Micra-10 sharpening machine the frequency converter is imported from abroad and has stepless speed regulation. It can adjust the reciprocating running speed and the real-time speed of the grinding head motor at will. If it matches the polishing head, it can polish with a combined wool polishing wheel to enhance the gloss of the knife edge and extend the life of the blade. Imported high-end linear guides and high-precision ball screws ensure the smooth running of the reciprocating stroke.

Troubleshooting of China Micra-10 sharpening machine

1. Check if the button is complete and intact. 2. Check the electrical components of the sharpener. If it is not perfect, then there is a problem. 3. Check if the relay is working properly. 4. Check the relevant circuit of the sharpening machine and refer to the working principle diagram of the electrical appliance. 5. The button cable is connected. 6. Check if the three-phase power is normal. 7. Check the fuse for burnout or trip protector trip. 8. Check if the sharpener transformer is normal.

Choose of Micra-10 sharpening machine

How to choose the right Micra-10 sharpening machine equipment is determined according to the needs. Do not buy the most expensive, only buy the most suitable. According to the length of the blade to the ground, cutting precision, automation degree. There are big differences in the types and planning models of the sharpeners. For the sharpener blade material, length, cutting edge type, cutting material, cutting accuracy. And the number of blades that need to be ground daily, the grades of the sharpener used, the maximum grinding length. And the degree of automation is also different. So to buy different grades of sharpeners. There are mainly the following precautions for purchasing the sharpener equipment: The material of the sharpening blade of the sharpening machine, the domestic blade or the ordinary blade. The series of sharpening machine can ground. For the imported knife or hard alloy steel knife. We recommend the MSQ-D high precision end face sharpening machine. The length of the sharpening blade required for the sharpening machine, the maximum grinding length of the sharpening machine ranges from 1.6M to 10M. And can basically meet the plane blades of various lengths in the world. If there are more than 10M blades, it can customize. The cutting edge type of the sharpening blade of the sharpening machine is generally a single cutting edge. That is, it needs an angled sharpening, or multiple multiple sharpening by adjusting the sharpening angle. So the domestic end sharpening machine is also mostly single grinding head sharpener. Cutting materials and precision, different cutting materials, have different cutting precision requirements. According to different cutting precision, choose different types of sharpening machine grinding blades. Mainly for the strip-shaped straight blade, can cut packaging board, printing paper, copy paper, plastic film, plastic leather, wood, meat and other places that require straight blade cutting, used in printing, paper, wood, plastic, toilet paper, and other industries. The button of the sharpener is the first thing we need to know when operating the equipment. If you don't understand the function of each button, then you can't operate the sharpener. As for why it is said, it is because the button is not understood. If you don't know if it is turned on or off, then you still have to operate the sharpener.
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