Performance Characteristics Of CBN Tool
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Performance Characteristics Of CBN Tool


Cubic boron nitride abbreviation: CBN tool’s hardness ranks after diamond. The substance, which has not been found in nature, is a synthetic super-hard material.CBN usually works best when the hardness of the material is higher than 48HRC (CBN wears out quickly when processing soft materials). Although it is more brittle than cemented carbide and has lower thermal conductivity and chemical stability than ceramic tools, it has higher impact strength and fracture resistance than ceramic tools and can also cut hard metals for less rigid machine tools.

Performance characteristics of CBN tool

Suitable custom CBN tool can withstand the cutting load of high power rough machining, intermittent cutting hit and fine machining required to heat and wear properties. Fine turning hardening workpiece is a new technology, the implementation of the process test, can be used and workpiece’s materials, hardness, and size of the same bar material, on the same kind of machines for finishing or rough machining test, the key is to test the choice of cutting tools and cutting parameters and whether the processing system has enough rigidity. At present domestic has adopted the process, the process parameters for nuc = 150 m/min, the f/r = 0.1 mm, alpha p = 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm, realized the turning instead of grinding.
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