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PCD Tool


PCD material has very high hardness and excellent wear resistance, making it an ideal tool material. But PCD tool grinding processing difficulty is very large, the efficiency is low. The grinding wheel of the PCD tool refers to a grinding PCD tool with a diamond wheel on special PCD tool grinding machine. Usually, in the process of cutting tool production, the cost of cutting is high, to minimize the amount of removal is the goal of the pursuit. The minimum machining allowance depends on the damage depth of PCD caused by the cutting method and heating process. It consists of three parts: one is the cutting way to the surface damage depth. Secondly, the damage depth of the internal tissue caused by the cutting method. The third is the influence of heating mode. Demina's BT-150N 3-axis CNC PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine is developed by our company's technical team by introducing advanced foreign production technology. The device is made of three shafts, and each shaft part plays an important role when the device is performing grinding work. In addition, the equipment not only has good performance but also is suitable for mass production of hard alloy inserts, which can perform large-scale grinding work. In addition, the grinding efficiency is very high and is consistently recognized by customers. Now our CNC PCD & PCBN tool grinding machines are on sale, welcome interested customers to come and buy.    
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