PCD Tool Features
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PCD Tool Features


When PCD tools are used to process aluminum alloys, due to the high hardness of diamonds and the low affinity between the surface and the metal, and the rake face of the tool is polished to a mirror surface, it is not easy to produce built-up edge, and the processing dimensional stability and surface quality are very good. Using PCD tools to process various specifications of aluminum alloy parts, the tool life can reach thousands to tens of thousands, especially suitable for large-scale production of automobile and motorcycle parts.

Main Indicators Of The PCD Tool

1. The hardness of PCD is relatively large, which is 8 to 12 times that of cemented carbide, and the maximum temperature can be 8000HV.

2. The thermal conductivity of PCD is higher than that of PCBN and copper, 1.5 to 9 times that of cemented carbide, and it can reach 700W / mK. Therefore, the heat transfer rate of the PCD tool is very fast.

3. The friction coefficient of PCD is generally only 0.1 ~ 0.3 (the friction coefficient of cemented carbide is 0.4 ~ 1), so PCD tools can significantly reduce the cutting force.

4. The thermal expansion coefficient of PCD is 1/5 of the cemented carbide, which is 0.9 × 10 ^ -6 ~ 1.18 × 10 ^ -6. Therefore, the thermal deformation of the PCD tool is small, and the processing accuracy is high.

5. The affinity between PCD tools and non-ferrous and non-metallic materials is very small, so the chip is not easy to combine with the tool tip during the processing process to form a chip tumor.

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