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PCBN tool is used to turn hardened steel, it is required that the quenching hardness of the workpiece should be higher than 45 ~ 55HRC. When hard cast iron is processed, as long as the hardness reaches the medium hardness level (45HRC), a good processing effect will be achieved. For example, the exhaust valve seat on the cylinder head of an automobile engine is made of high chromium alloy cast iron material containing copper and molybdenum, the hardness of which is generally about 44HRC.

Features of PCBN tool

PCBN tool has been widely used in the CNC cutting industry, is a tool material with good development prospects. PCBN tool the hole of the valve seat is countersunk (reaming), two kinds of process, most of which are processed on the special automatic line, together with the gun reaming pipe hole. Adopted by the cutting dosage is nu c = 71.6 m/min, nu f = 26.5 mm/min, alpha p = 1.0 mm, with BC broaching oil. After processing by the PCBN cutting tool, compared with using various carbide insert processing, cutting tool durability for an average of 1200 pieces. The processing surface roughness is Ra0.4 microns, seat surface runout 0.05 mm or less. Since the use of the PCBN tool in Dongfeng motor engine plant in 1988, the effect has been stable, and the tool localization problem of imported equipment has been well solved. Beijing Demina produces is reliable in performance and easy to be operated. Users only need to use very little manual skills when using it and can grind CVD blades, PCD, PCBN. In addition, it can grind machine tool inserts, boring cutters, grooving, carbide and HSS non-standard inserts, standard or non-standard welding lathe tools, and various other tools.  
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