PCBN Tool Quality
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PCBN Tool Quality


How to guarantee the PCBN tool quality?

1. High-purity, high-precision raw materials, forming a reliable and standard embryo synthesis process, this situation directly determines the performance of cubic boron nitride cutting tools. Of course, this is also a large part of the reason for the uneven price of cubic boron nitride tools in the market. 2. Grinding. Because cubic boron nitride tools are not like carbide inserts with complex grooves and coatings. The performance of the tool mainly depends on the performance of the tool blank, and the grinding technology and accuracy directly determine the microscopic performance of the cutting. Therefore, the use of peripheral grinding machines, although the cost of the tool has increased significantly, the quality and durability of cubic boron nitride tools will be a class.

The production quality of the PCBN tool

From the perspective of use: the PCBN tool has good impact resistance. Especially in rough machining, the blade will not be damaged when using it, which is the most basic guarantee for the safety of cubic boron nitride tools. PCBN tool also has good abrasion resistance and efficient processing. It can replace the use of carbide tools and ceramic inserts at a low cost. Because for more high-end products, manufacturing strength, high technical threshold, are mainly controlled by foreign manufacturers, in 2009, the composite superhard cutting tool materials market share of the top company in the world for all foreign companies, respectively is element six (30%), DI (20%), Japan's Sumitomo rijin (18%), South Korea (9%), MegaDiamond (4.5%), TomeiDiamond (4.5%), Dennistools (4%), and a few big companies accounted for 90% of the market. In a composite superhard cutting tool in the market, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride whole blade have been our strengths, Henan institute of superhard materials research HLCBN as advantage brand exported to Europe, America and another high-end user market of 200000 pieces, the superhard cutting tool industry in our country, and with the maturity of domestic top six sides compressor technology and popularization, the whole polycrystalline boron nitride blade on the manufacturing process has more advantages than abroad. .
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