PCBN Cutting Tool Outlook
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PCBN Cutting Tool Outlook


PCBN Cutting Tool Outlook

1. As one of the main replacement tools in the 21st century, PCBN tools account for an increasing proportion of the total tool use in industrialized countries. More and more difficult to process materials, as the main tool material PCBN cutting materials difficult to add a bright future. For example, it is very difficult to process the skeleton of the aircraft body (ultra-high-strength steel), and the research on PCBN tool processing is one direction. In addition, the high-temperature alloy parts on the aero-engine are very difficult to process, at present the effect of CBN tool processing is not very ideal, this is obviously a very attractive project, once a breakthrough, will bring a new change to the high-temperature alloy processing field.

2. With the development of material science and manufacturing technology, a new generation of difficult to process materials such as high chromium steel, high nickel steel, high-speed steel, tungsten carbide, ceramics, etc., has put forward a new subject for modern machining, PCBN tool has become the most competitive tool for cutting difficult to process materials.
According to statistics, in China, carbide tool consumption accounted for 60% of the total tool, high-speed steel accounted for 30% ~ 40%, PCBN tool currently accounted for a very small proportion. In China, the annual production of high-speed steel is 50,000-60,000 t, accounting for 1/4 to 1/3 of the world, and the annual production of cemented carbide is 12,500 t, accounting for 40% of the world. Hard alloy materials need to use a lot of tungsten, high-speed steel also uses tungsten, although China is a tungsten production country (accounting for 80% of the world). In 50 years tungsten will gradually run out, and CBN raw materials do not contain tungsten, it can be said that PCBN raw materials are inexhaustible. Therefore, the development of PCBN has a very important strategic meaning.

3. By further improving the manufacturing process of PCBN, the manufacturing cost can be reduced. At the same time, further adjustment of PCBN material binding phase and its ratio of hard phase is a less hard phase and gain more share of the binding phase, can make the toughness of PCBN was further improved, the hardness from HV8000 down low to HV4000 ~ 5000 (this is a hard degree of hardness is still the carbide cutting tools of 1 time on), the change of PCBN cutting tool weaknesses, make it hard and low in processing below HRC45 hard material also has the advantage, can greatly enlarge the using range of PCBN cutting tool.

4. In the first half of the 20th century, the emergence of cemented carbide replaced 1/2 of the high-speed steel, making a new appearance in the field of mechanical processing. In the 21st century, the PCBN tool will certainly have a great development, application prospects are unlimited, once the key technology, even if a part of the replacement (such as 1/5 ~ 1/4) carbide tools and ceramic tools, will also appear quite amazing revolutionary changes.

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