Overview Of Reamer Machining
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Overview Of Reamer Machining


Overview Of Reamer Machining

Reaming is the use of a reamer to remove a trace metal layer from the hole wall of the workpiece. Hinge is a common method for semi-finishing and finishing medium and small diameter holes. It can also be used for pre-machining before grinding or grinding holes. Before hinge machining, the processed hole generally needs to go through drilling, drilling and reaming, and the hinge machining accuracy can reach IT7~IT6, or even IT5, Ra is 0.4 ~1.6 meters.

It can process a cylindrical hole, taper hole, through-hole, and blind hole.

It can be done on drilling machines, lathes, CNC machines, and other machine tools, or it can be done by hand.

The tool used in the articulation is the reamer, whose manufacture is very accurate, the number of teeth is many, the diameter of the core is big, and the rigidity and directivity are good.

A reamer is a tool of fixed size. The diameter and tolerance are determined by the diameter and accuracy of the hole being machined. At the same time, the service life and manufacturing cost of the reamer should also be considered.

The nominal diameter d of the reamer refers to the diameter of the cylinder part of the calibration part, which shall be equal to the nominal size d of the hole to be machined. The diameter tolerance of the reamer shall be determined according to the tolerance IT of the hole being hinged, the manufacturing tolerance G of the reamer, the reamer abrasion amount N, and the deformation property of the aperture during the process of the reamer.

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